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MAG6416 16-Channel Fire Fighting Linkage Network Terminal


● This machine is used as the interface between the networking public address system and the fire center.
● The forced interruption of the activation area is limited to the emergency area or extended to several adjacent areas,
● which shall be determined by the preprogramming of the networking mainframe.
● Each machine is able to control 16 areas and set up by means of the mainframe.
● In the same system, a number of machines are connected to the network so as to extend the area under control at will.
● The infrared remote controller is used to set up IP address.

  • Specification
  • Connection

Number of channel

16, extendable

Possibly activated adjacent area

Several, programmable

Logic level

+5~+24V/0V, settable


AC fuse×1

Power supply

AC 220V/50-60Hz

Size of external packing (L×W×H mm)


Machine size (L×W×H mm)


Gross weight


Net weight


MAG6416 16-Channel Fire Fighting Linkage Network Terminal

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