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MAG6465 Network Help Intercom Extension Controller


● High-quality aluminum alloy drawing panel and novel appearance design with, loss prevention and waterproof structure.
● Built-in high-fidelity and strong directional condenser microphone
● Built-in monitor speakers (2W); high clearance of voice output
● MAG6465 functions with a one-click SOS call, and with a light status indication, so its working status is clearly visible.
● Support RS485 data transmission protocol; Maximum distance between, SOS panel and network player is greater than 1500 meters.
● Intercom content will automatically be transformed into log by network host. And the log is accessible for operators.
● One network terminal can cover 15 SOS intercom expansion controllers.
● 2 short-circuit input and 2 EMC linkage output for linkage monitoring system and access to system controlling.
● DC24V input makes it easy to expand long-distance transmission.
● Audio pickup with one line auxiliary output and real-time voice recording in monitor system
● Using industrial Phoenix connection terminals, reliable and stable.
● High-performance processor, real-time system and quick SOS .response.
● Environmental friendly and highly efficient.

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Intercom expansion controller is a high-performance and high-definition Intercom expansion controller . MAG6465 functions with one-click SOS call, MAG6466 with one-click call and one-click business consulting. This is an automatically paging platform which can request intelligent network and quick SOS, supporting independent recording intercom content, expansion, real-time recording and long-distance transmission expansion. Owing to it high efficiency, it can be used for a variety of occasions

Indicator item

Technical requirements






Monitoring speaker

Rated output



frequency response







Mic phone





Microphone input Mute sensitivity


Quiescent Current



Working electricity current



Data interface



Power supply


Function key

SOS call

SOS call/Business Consulting

Unite size(L×W×H  mm)


Power supply



Aluminum white

Operating temperature



environment humidity



MAG6465 Network Help Intercom Extension Controller

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