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POE1028 SNR Self-adaptive PoE Network Sensor


● Can monitor on-site ambient sound and upload data to the PC host, automatically adjust the output volume of each zone based on the on-site ambient sound to keep the on-site SNR value.
● Adopt CAT5 for long distance transmission, connected to multiple devices through the switch.(The number of connection depends on the interfaces of PoE switch)
● Control the terminals and configure detailed function through the host software.
● Can be provided with multiple sensors.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

The device will automatically adjust the volume of the broadcast sound to make it larger than the on-site ambient sound; otherwise, when the on-site ambient sound is detected too much smaller than the broadcast sound as the broadcast sound is too loud, the device will automatically adjust the volume of the broadcast sound, so that visitors can hear the broadcast sound in an appropriate volume.



Frequency Response


Noise Detection


Rated Power


Power Supply

PoE 48V/DC+12V

Connection Method

CAT5,RJ45 interface

Package Dimension (L×W×H mm)


Machine Dimension (L×W×H mm)


Gross Weight


Net Weight


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