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MAG6588 Intelligent Network Paging Station


● Support 100/10Mbps self-adaption TCP/IP network transmission protocol
● 7-inch true color LCD display, graphic interface and touch screen operation
● High fidelity and handheld dynamic microphone
● Multiple level indication function
● Quick paging with manual shortcut keys
● Built-in 3W monitoring loudspeaker for easy pre-listening program and intercom use
● Built-in high fidelity AGC processing circuit with large dynamic range
● ARM processor with high performance
● Support group editing of network playback terminals
● Built-in chime
● Support selection between paging and intercom functions for network playback terminals
● Support paging and intercom function between intelligent paging stations
● Support playback of songs in program list of network host
● With recording function to record and play recordings of paging

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  • Specification
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MAG6588 series digital intelligent paging station is a TCP/IP based network Hi-Fi paging station and can be used anywhere with network access. It can realize control on 1,000 zones based paginging and is featured by the high stability of traditional paging stations as well as reliable operation and low fault rate. Signals are transmitted in digital form and intelligent control is realized. The system provides 7 inches LCD true color display/touch screen as well as graphic and user-friendly operation interface. In addition, the system provides auxiliary input/output channels for extension of local audio source and amplification functions. The system integrates players developed independently by our company to realize local monitoring on host programs.



AUX OUT Rated Output Voltage


NET OUT Rated Output Voltage

MIC input sensitivity (1V output)


MIC distortion (1kHz/1V)

MIC: ≤0.3%

Effective frequency of MIC gain limit (±3dB)


MIC Signal to Noise Ratio (30K lowpass)


MIC dynamic range


AUX input sensitivity (1V output)


AUX distortion (1kHz/1V)


AUX Signal to Noise Ratio (30K lowpass)


Effective frequency of AUX gain limit (±3dB)


AUX dynamic range


Effective frequency of monitoring (intercom voice) gain limit (±3dB)

80-16000 Hz

Monitoring SNR (intercom voice)


Working voltage


Standby power consumption


Power supply


Overall power consumption


Package dimensions (L×W×Hmm)


Machine dimensions (L×W×Hmm)


Gross weight


Net Weight


MAG6588 Intelligent Network Paging Station

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