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Six Key Points in the Scheme Design of Public Address System

First, the design of public address system scheme should be combined with the actual situation of the building.

The scheme design of public address system must ensure that users can use it flexibly and conveniently, operate simply, have complete functions, and have strong practicability. Public broadcasting system is a general term. The public address system can be a variety of solutions, such as network address system solutions, digital addressing public broadcasting system solutions, or digital partitioning public address system solutions. According to the situation of the scene, public address systems solutions are also very different, we can design according to the different buildings. If it is a multi-storey building, it can be divided according to the floor, and if it is a community villa, it can be divided according to the different functions. The final design plan must be centered around the requirements of the builder.

Second, the different public broadcasting systems in different units have different schemes.

If it is a campus, the design of campus public address system must consider the ringing of campus music and edit the schedule according to the working and sleeping time of the campus. It is also necessary to consider such functions as radio gymnastics, flag-raising song broadcasting, sports teacher's leading speech, English listening and listening test.

The public address system of enterprises and institutions is based on the broadcast of emergency broadcasting, followed by background music and public broadcasting to adjust the environment. Public adress includes such functions as announcement, speech, searching for people, searching for things and so on.

Third, how to choose brand in the design of public address system

With a strong R & D team, strict production technology and talent advantages, Disp has set up a number of directly research and development centers and production bases throughout the country, as well as a sales channel network and millions of user groups throughout the country, and become a large-scale modern high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales, Internet + innovation and education investment.

Fourth, compliance with mandatory provisions of the state in the design of
public address systems

The announcement No. 608 issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction of the People's Republic of China concerning the publication of the national standard "Technical Specifications for Public Broadcasting Systems" and the national standard number of "Technical Specifications for Public Broadcasting Systems" is GB 50526 2010, which has been implemented since December 1, 2010.

Fifth, the design of public address system should follow three principles.

(1) Principles of scientific, accurate and advanced design of public adress system:

Before the design and construction of the public address system, we should be diligent in communicating with the users to ensure that the system integration can meet the actual functional requirements of the builders, ensure that the acoustic technical indicators of the corresponding sites meet the requirements of the builders, and make the sound system design of each site scientific, accurate and advanced.

(2) The design of public address system should satisfy the system and practicability of functional requirements:

In the equipment configuration of the public address system, we ensure that the system should have the ability and level to complete the functions required by the project, meet the actual needs of the project and the requirements of the relevant domestic norms, and be easy to implement and operate. When making the scheme of public address system, the selected equipments are all advanced products of well-known domestic manufacturers. The indexes of the equipments meet the requirements, and have consistency and interchangeability, which make the system have good flexibility, compatibility, expansibility and portability.

(3) Reliability and service guarantee of the equipment selected for the public address system scheme:

The main equipment in the scheme of public address system are well-known brand products. The professional products have high reliability and excellent performance. They have been successfully applied in various parts of China and have a mature after-sales service system.

Sixth, two schemes of linkage between public address system and fire address

Scheme 1: A separate public address system, a separate fire address system, through the fire module to switch fire address and background music.

Scheme 2: The public address system has the function of fire address, equipped with fire address host, fire power supply, fire partition matrix, alarm signal generator, etc.

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