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Superior Performance of Paperless Conference System

The main advantages of the paperless conference system are as follows. Let's take a look.


1. The paperless conference system is easy to manage

There is no storage device on the conference terminal, all programs are run on the server, and the permissions of all users are also controlled by the server. The conference terminal cannot change the configuration of the server.

2. Easy maintenance of paperless conference system


Obtaining resources through the network is a terminal device in the network computing environment, and there will be no client system crashes, and it is very convenient to install and operate the paperless conference system. After the meeting, the junk files are completely removed.

3. Strong security of the paperless conference system

The computer does not have a local storage device, and it is impossible to be infected with viruses. The external storage data is in a designated area and is isolated from the operating system. After the meeting, the meeting files are completely cleared, and the confidential meeting files are completely shredded in the system. Moreover, every time the paperless conference system is restarted, the paperless conference system will be restored to its original state.

4. Convenient operation of paperless conference system

The user does not need any computer application knowledge to be able to use it proficiently. There is only one thing the user needs to do: turn on the power; turning on and off the computer is as simple as home appliances, which is very practical for a public place such as a conference room.


In the multifunctional paperless confidential meeting, combined with the meeting software, the paperless meeting system can achieve more and more complete functions. In the past system design, it is usually considered to use a diskless workstation to realize it. In a diskless system, the stability and operating speed of the system are a key to building a paperless conference.

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