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MAG808 8x8 Digital Audio Matrix PA System


● 7” touch screen, built-in control software, integrated with audio matrix, zones, timing, voice alarm, etc.
● 8 channel balanced audio inputs, 8 channel balanced audio outputs, each channel with individual EQ control
● Each zone support remote panel control, including audio selection, audio input and volume control
● Support 4 remote paging microphone, 2 local Mic with phantom power supply
● Support MP3 playing (built-in audio or external USB), FM. Built-in 4G memory sticker, can extend to 32G

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Built-in one-touch alarm, chime input, Fire Alarm input, 8 dry contact inputs and one dry contact output
Built-in TEL input module, with password management, support TEL paging to all zones
Support monitoring function, can monitor each individual zone separately
Support remote computer control and Android pad control within the same network
Support AC Power input and DC 24V input


The MAG808 digital audio matrix & paging controller is highly integrated, which is catering for multi-zone paging and multi-sources selection.

It supports 8 balanced audio inputs and 8 balanced audio outputs, remote paging, remote panel control, remote computer & Android pad control. It supplies with multiple audio inputs. Besides 8 AUX inputs, it also supports MP3 playing (built-in or external USB) and built-in FM. To better adapt to the emergency system, it supports TEL paging to all zones, one-touch alarm, 8 dry contact inputs and 1 dry contact output.

It’s a complete solution for multi-zone, multi-functional venues like entertainment place, large-scale hotel, sports centers, shopping mall, airport etc.
MAG808 8x8 Digital Audio Matrix PA System
MAG808 8x8 Digital Audio Matrix PA SystemMAG808 8x8 Digital Audio Matrix PA System



Power supply

-230V/50Hz/DC 24V

230V/50Hz/DC 24V

Input sensitivity of MIC1 & MIC 2


Input sensitivity of lines 1-8


Output voltage of lines 1-8


Input sensitivity of EMC


MIC I/O frequency response (±3dB)

80Hz - 10kHz (±3dB)

Line I/O frequency response (±3dB)

20Hz - 20kHz (±3dB)

Radio frequency band

86-108 MHz

Max. output noise


Output distortion (@1kHz)

<1%   1KHz

Machine size

484mm×375mm×132mm  (1PS)

Packing size

540mm×510mm×195mm  (1PS)

Net weight


Gross weight

13Kg (1PS)

MAG808 8x8 Digital Audio Matrix PA System

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