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What Are the Advantages of Conference System?

Ⅰ. High-definition video transmission of conference system with low bandwidth

Traditional laggard conference structure used to sacrifice network cost for high-resolution images. Put it another way, image quality is improved by constantly increasing bandwidth, which undoubtedly raises the network cost and also influences cost of other areas.

The high-definition video terminal of the conference system is equipped with powerful self-adaptive codec capability. It supports the start-of-the-art technology in video field, high-definition with narrow bandwidth, and ultra-smooth play of video and image. The technology can double the conference performance with the same bandwidth and show the same image with half bandwidth.

Ⅱ. High-definition audio transmission of conference system


In comparison with traditional conference products, which can only afford sound quality of 7kHz, the system can afford that of 22kHz, or in other ways, the ultra-high-definition digital audio will put conference participants in high-fidelity and surround sound.

Meanwhile, the built-in echo cancellation makes it happen that local and remote callers can speak at the same time without signal loss or mutual interference. In addition, high-definition microphone can block out interference from cell signal and therefore keep no noise when in a conference or leaders' or anyone's phone rings.

Ⅲ. Security of conference system


Security is crucial for conference system, especially for those large-scale enterprises engaging in such activities concerning important safety information as scientific research. Password-protection is supported by all involved user interfaces in ways that prevent unauthorized users logging to the system.

图片8.pngWhen using the system in practice, enterprises can shut down certain service ports including WEB, TEL-NET, and ETP or restrict access from remote users by ACL. The log system and debug diagnostic system that come with the terminal, in cooperation with enterprises’ firewall, can greatly safeguard the transmission of conference data. Meanwhile, the system terminal also supports Network Address Translation (NAT) and enterprises then can flexibly set their IP in intranets or wide-area network.

At the same time, given attack from virus and hacker are everywhere on the internet, enterprises' network administrators are extremely worried about network security and transmission safety of conference, especially about that of confidential conference. In this sense, conference system supports AES and the combination of talk privacy and secure service authentication.


For example, security response, reverse service, and security document (simple password and complex digital signature) together form an impregnable fortress for conference data transmission.

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