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MP1715T PA System Program Timing Player New


● With a 4.3" capacitive LCD touch screen, available in Chinese and English, and built-in 16G storage.
● With 1 program player, 1 line input, 1 Bluetooth input, and 1 line output.
● With independent volume control for 3 audio sources, mixed output for 3 audio sources, and total volume control.
● USB interface: You can import the configuration content (including songs or timing points, etc.) to the machine via a USB flash drive; you can also export the configuration content from the machine to a USB flash drive.
● You can upgrade the latest software through a USB flash drive to play music programs on the USB flash drive and play up to 48KHz 16-bit songs in the MP3/WAV audio format.
● With an RJ45 connector (connected to a PC to download and update songs and timing points, as well as control the machine).
● With 5 sets of timing plans (which can be scheduled by weekly cycle or on a specified date) editable, up to 200 timing points for each timing plan, up to 20 songs for each timing point; an end time can be set for the timing point.
● With 1 AC220V/2000W power output socket, which can be controlled on or off by the timing point.
● It has the function of automatically switching on the timing power early within 1-60 seconds (time can be set) before the timing point comes.
● With 1 short circuit signal output interface linked to the timing power output.
● With a 100-meter wireless remote control, 12 programmable buttons, user-defined one-key song selection and power output.
● The distributed central control system controls the operation of the local MP3 player, various volume adjustments, and analogue remote control 12-key triggering functions.
● Can be connected to a headset to monitor the playback status.
● With level indication for output indication of all signal sources.
● Available in Chinese and English, with optional backlight time.
● The PC software allows centralized control of multiple local machines.

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  • Specification
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This product is a MP3 timing player with 4.3” capacitive LCD touch screen and level indication. It supports several audio sources, such as program player, line input, and Bluetooth input. It provides 5 editable timing plans, a maximum of 200 timing points for each timing plan, and a maximum of 20 songs for each timing point. Also, the device can be controlled on or off by the timing point.



Display Screen


MP3 Input Sensitivity


Line Input Sensitivity


Line Output Voltage


Headset Monitoring Level


Frequency Response

20-20kHZ (±3dB)



S/N Ratio

≥ 75 (A) dB

Timing Plan

5 weekly plans and 1 daily plan

Operating Power

AC 220V/50Hz

Package Dimensions (mm)

(L×W×H) 530×440×195

Machine Dimensions (mm)

(L×W×H) 483×325×88

Gross Weight


Net Weight


MP1715T PA System Program Timing Player New

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