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DSPPA | Be Part of JIMEX 2024 with Our Distributor in Jordan

DSPPA | Be Part of JIMEX 2024 with Our Distributor in Jordan

Abstract: From June 3-6, we cordially invite you to join us at JIMEX 2024 to explore our shocking advancements.

From June 3-6, we will team up with our distributor in Jordan to participate in the upcoming JIMEX 2024, which is scheduled to take place in the Halls of Jordan Centre for International Exhibitions, Amman, Jordan.

We cordially invite you to join us to explore our shocking advancements in the audio and video sectors.

JIMEX 2024
JIMEX 2024 is an international exhibition in the fields of machinery, electricity, and energy, held annually in Jordan, providing participants with a platform to experience forefront technologies up close and discuss future trends in these industries.

Image Source: JIMEX 2024

As one of the exhibitors at JIMEX 2024, we will partner with our Jordanian distributor once again to showcase our pioneering products, technologies, and innovations.

Booth Display
During the show, our team of professionals will be waiting for you at booth E1 to provide you with one-to-one professional consulting and tailor-made solutions based on your specific needs.

Exhibit Showcase
We will take this opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge offerings and share our latest developments to further expand our business and forge closer connections with professionals from different sectors.

LA-4240+LA-15SUB Professional Line Array Speaker
The LA-4240+LA-15SUB line array column speaker system is an all-weather, outdoor-ready audio solution that delivers clear, high-quality sound with rich mids and deep bass.

With built-in DSP audio processing and high-efficiency active power amplifier module, it ensures precise sound reproduction and powerful performance.

D7101 IP Audio Conference System
The D7101 IP Audio Conference System serves as a state-of-the-art conference solution.

It provides multi-role management and several conference modes to streamline conference organization and management.

Moreover, it integrates a wide range of robust functions, such as conference sign-in, voting, and automatic camera tracking, enriching the meetings with more interaction and engagement elements, thus elevating their efficiency and quality.

D6201 Intelligent Conference System

The D62 series Intelligent Conference System, leveraging the ARM9 platform, advanced DSP technology, and high-fidelity circuit design, offers precise digital control, exceptional audio transmission, and intuitive visual operation, substantially enhancing meeting efficiency and convenience.

PAVA8500 Voice Evacuation System
Packed with a variety of innovative technologies through versatile integration and advanced digital networking, the PAVA8500 voice evacuation system enhances audio performance and user experience while improving safety and stability.

It incorporates a variety of functions, such as one-key alarm, remote paging, zone paging, automatic fault detection, scheduled tasks, and software control, into a compact amplifier host, highlighting its powerful functions and outstanding performance.

MAG6000 IP Network PA System
Leveraging all-digital transmission, the MAG6000 IP network public address system functions as a two-way audio sound reinforcement system.

Using the distinctive DSPPA protocol, standard TCP/IP protocol, H.264 and SIP protocols, it enables precise encoding and transmission of audio and video signals in the form of data packets over LANs and WANs.

Look forward to meeting you on the show floor where we can share our experiences and expertise, listen to your valuable comments and insights, and further push the boundaries of audiovisual technology.
Be sure to make time in your schedule to visit our booth and join us for the exciting journey of JIMEX 2024!

JIMEX 2024 (The 19th International Machinery, Electricity, & Energy Exhibition)

Date: June 3-6, 2024
Venue: Booth E1, Halls of Jordan Centre for International Exhibitions, Amman, Jordan

Be sure to make time in your schedule to visit our booth and join us for the exciting journey of JIMEX 2024!

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