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PAVA4400FM Wallmount Fireman Microphone


● Support remote control of PAVA4600 host.
● Support microphone real-time monitoring.
● One network cable for 24V power supply, audio transmission and communication.
● Support 300-meter long-distance audio transmission.
● Support redundant wiring.
● With one-key alarm function and two editable alarm voices, with EMC microphone for guidance in emergency situations.
● The system supports automatic fault diagnosis, data backup, line redundancy and fault status record.
● With LED light display, used to indicate the system connection status and fault status.
● Support closed and star connection.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

PAVA4400FM is a wall-mounted fireman microphone used with PAVA4600 4-zone integrated voice evacuation system host. It supports the control of PAVA4600 and real-time microphone monitoring; powered by PAVA4600 with 24V network cable, with audio transmission distance up to 300 meters, and it supports redundant wiring and has operation permission control.



Working Voltage

DC24V(connect to the PAVA4600 interface with anetwork cable)


5mv (±1mv)



Frequency Response


Package Dimensions


Machine Dimensions


Gross Weight


Net Weight


The specification will be subject to changes without notice.

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