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Composition of Digital Conference System (I)

The digital conference system is a conference system that integrates computer, communication, control, multimedia, image, audio and other technologies. Digital conference system is consisted with central control subsystem, multimedia projection displaying subsystem, speech and simultaneous interpretation, which is conference system, monitoring and alarm system and network accessing subsystem. This article mainly introduces following three systems:


1. Central control subsystem

Central control equipment is the core of the whole digital conference system, which can not only realize automatic conference control, but also more complicated conference management through computer manipulation. The central control equipment mainly controls speech equipment, simultaneous interpretation, electronic voting, video tracking, digital audio and video channels and data channels.



2. Speech and simultaneous interpretation subsystem

Representatives present at the meeting participate in meetings through speech equipment. Speech equipment usually includes wired microphones, voting buttons, LED status displays and conference audios, and there are other equipments to choose from, such as gooseneck conference microphones, wireless clip style microphones, LCD status displays, language channel selectors, and representative's ID cards reader. Simultaneous interpretation equipment mainly includes interpreter desk, interpreter headset and internal communication telephone.


3. Multimedia projection displaying subsystem

Current multimedia conference displaying devices include TV receivers, LCD screens, LCD projectors and DLP digital projectors. Multimedia displaying equipment can directly provide participants with all kinds of digital, textual and image information etc, and can also display relevant information during meeting in the real time base on needs. The signal source can be video tape, computer and DVD player signals, or video camera signals or hard disk video recorder signals from the venue. These signals are distributed through the video of the central control device for switching output display.

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