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AUX166B Neodymium Magnet Ceiling Speaker


● Rated power, 10W/8Ω
● Max. Sound Pressure Level 99±2dB
● Effective Freq. Range 110Hz-20kHz
● High sensitivity: 88±2dB
● Net weight: 1.93kg
● Dimension:102×Ø121mm
● Cutout size: Ø102--Ø104

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We use a 3'' paper cone all-frequency speaker which is especially designed for Chinese market by AUCA Corporation. This tweeter uses Ferrofluid liquid cooling to allow greater power handling.  Its scattering range is very wide and with its strong magnetic device, it has high sensitivity. This speaker is the production AUCA had made many experiments in many years. Its light weight and high-speed pronation determines the speaker is the top on the world. No matter what you are doing anything related to the speaker, it will bring you the feeling of happy.

Model AUX166B
Ferq. Response 110Hz-20,000Hz
Sensitivity  89±2dB
Max. SPL 99±2dB
Rated Power 10W
Dimension   102×Ø121mm
Weight 0.2kg
AUX166B Neodymium Magnet Ceiling Speaker

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