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Professional Sound System of 400㎡ School Playground

Solution Description

There is an outdoor playground in the school, which has a standard 400-meter circular plastic track and artificial turf football field. Now, it is equipped with broadcasting equipment to meet the needs of music playback, daily gatherings, radio gymnastics and speech sound reinforcement.
1. Can play, pause and select music.
2. Can be used for daily radio gymnastics, gatherings and flag-raising speeches.
3. Can connect multiple audio source devices to meet different scenarios, with a redundant audio interface.
4. Can control and manage all equipment of the sound reinforcement system for the outdoor playground.
5. Can cover the entire playground, with uniform sound field.
6. Economical, durable, and easy to operate.

Solution Design

1. Main control equipment
(1) Audio processing equipment: The mixer (MG12) can meet the needs of a variety of audio sources in different environments, such as microphones, DVD/CD players, etc. It can better process the audio signal in such occasions as holding events or radio gymnastics, with a better sound quality, meeting the sound reinforcement needs of various activities.
(2) Conference microphone (CM30/D6561): Used for speeches, announcements, meetings, etc.
(3) Wireless microphone D5816: The wireless microphone is mainly used by the teacher in charge to speak in the playground when there is flag-raising and radio gymnastics. In the design of this project, in order to use in different application scenarios, we design a set of wireless microphone (including two handheld microphones D5811, a clip microphone D5812, and a headset microphone D5813).
2. Audio part
(1) According to the size of the playground and the use requirements, arrange 12 waterproof column speakers DSP258 around the playground for main sound reinforcement. This column speaker has beautiful sound quality, high quality, all-aluminum alloy structure, horn-type tweeter, and 8" bass unit, which is suitable for outdoors.
(2) Arrange 2 waterproof column speakers DSP258 on the stands on both sides of the playground for auxiliary sound reinforcement.

System Connection Diagram

Attainable Functions

1. Can speak when you turn on the microphone switch, easy to use, with compact structure and simple wiring.
2. Strong and powerful sound, full low frequency, no lack of treble, appropriate reverberation, no lack of low frequency reverberation, and low distortion.
3. The outdoor waterproof column speaker has beautiful sound quality, adopts all-aluminum alloy structure, horn-type tweeter, supplementing the insufficient sound field area, and realizing full coverage of the sound field in the playground and the stands.
4. The system fully meets the needs of principals and teachers for daily radio gymnastics, gatherings, and flag-raising speeches.
5. Adopt a set of (one host with 4 mics) wireless microphone, which has a high degree of flexibility and reliability, uses a new type of anti-howling, single-point high-sensitivity pickup microphone for a more perfect sound, easy to use in different application scenarios.

Main Devices

4 Channels UHF Wireless Microphone Receiver

● PLL 4-channel phase-locked loop loop design.
● UHF 200-channel PLL digital lock automatic communication function.
● Adopt IR frequency pairing.
● Display functions on the display screen (Display frequency, channel, squelch, level, etc.).
● With volume control for each channel.
● AF output (adopt “XLR” socket for separate output and mixed output).

Performance Parameters

System Indicators


Frequency Range



Broadband FM

Adjustable Range


Number of Channel


Channel Interval


Frequency Stability

Within ±0.005%

Dynamic Range


Maximum Frequency Deviation


Frequency Response


Comprehensive SNR


Comprehensive Distortion


Working Temperature


Effective Range

150-200m (in an open environment)

Package Dimensions (L×W×H)



Wireless Interface




Spurious suppression


Function Display Method

Display screen

Working Power

DC12V, 600mA

Package Dimensions (L×W×H)


Machine Dimensions


Gross Weight


Net Weight


12 Channels Audio Mixer

● Up to 6 microphones/12 line inputs (4 mono+4 stereo)
● 2 group bus+1 stereo bus, 2 AUX (including FX)
●"D-PRE" speaker, with a reverse transistor circuit
● Single knob compressor
● PAD switch on mono input channel
● +48V phantom power, XLR balanced output
● Metal body

1500W Power Amplifier

● 70V/100V & 4-16Ω optional speaker output Rated power: 1500W
● XLR and 6.3mm jack AUX output for convenient linkage
● 5 LED indicator for clear status display
● Built-in automatic temperature controlled fan cooling system
● Industrial design for audio project, long term & stable use
● Reliable protection from overheat, overload, clip & short circuit
● Power supply: AC220V/50Hz

Waterproof Column Speaker

● Rated power: 80W/powerful output
● With 8" woofer plus 1.4" tweeter
● The aluminum shell, aluminum cover and aluminum mesh
● adopt aluminum materials
● Waterproof and mild- proof
● With high sensitivity and high-dynamic range of loudspeaker
● Have gotten waterproof certificate and other certificates
● Stainless steel corrosion- resistance design of the brackets

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