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DSP9000 IP Network PA System for University

Solution Description

XX University is one of the universities with great international influence, enjoying a beautiful campus environment and profound historical and cultural heritage, with a total area of 427 hectares. It adopts our DSPPA network public address system to broadcast background music, release business broadcast and emergency broadcast to classrooms, corridors, office areas and outdoor playgrounds. The school can manage all zones and control a single zone. Besides, it can regularly broadcast the daily management content and background music, remotely control the operation status of each terminal through the computer, and provide emergency broadcast and voice alarms in critical situations such as fires and earthquakes.

 Solution Design

DSPPA digital IP network public address system uses the existing local area network for fast construction and investment saving; it can support an unlimited number of zones, and the zones and groups can be combined arbitrarily. Based on the Ethernet network platform used, it makes full use of the network platform. For example, if the user has a network platform, there is no need for wiring. It is completely different from products of pure analog broadcasting, FM addressing broadcasting and CNC broadcasting. Combined with a number of digital audio technologies, it embodies its remarkable advantages in many aspects:
A. Function: It can broadcast different programs to multiple terminals simultaneously, which not only fully realizes the functions of the traditional broadcasting system, but also has multiple functions such as file on-demand, U disk playback and recording, and two-way intercom between the terminals.
B. Transmission: With extended audio transmission distance, it can run on the cross-gateway LAN and Internet. It can support important applications in a wide range, and centrally control the broadcast from the main campus to the branch campus, which realizes fast and reliable information communication.
C. Personalized terminal: Based on the digital data network, each voice terminal has an independent IP address to fully realize point-to-point personalized programs.
D. Network management: Playlist production and arrangement, leadership speeches, and timing program playback can be remotely achieved through the network.
E. Automatic playback: The operator sets the program playlist, and specifies the play terminal, play program and play time in advance, and the server will automatically play it under unattended operation.
F. Humanized operation: Humanized graphic menu interface, wireless smart broadcast control mobile phone with Chinese prompt operation to control program playback. The user-friendly operation is easy and simple, which improves the efficiency of the operator.

 Solution Highlight Functions

 System Connection Diagram

System Functions

1. Automatic bell/timing broadcast management
The school administrator can set the running time of the school bell through the management software according to the needs of the broadcast and the daily class time. One or more timing broadcast tasks can be set by hour, day, and week, and sorted by terminal, program, and time, such as playing campus songs during breaks, playing national anthem during flag raising, and playing radios during eye exercises, and the work schedule can be automatically adjusted according to the seasons, with special configuration options for sunny and rainy days and holidays. The system will automatically perform all specified tasks without manual operation.
2. Personalized timing playback
Because each digital network public address terminal has an independent IP address, each can individually receive personalized timing broadcast programs from the server. For example, different English listening programs can be played in different grades or grade groups at the same time, event notifications of different contents can be broadcast in different areas at the same time. You can flexibly set the area to play programs.
3. Free zone combination for broadcasting
Through the host group setting, you can arbitrarily play background music or temporary broadcasts (leader’s speech, announcements, etc.) to a certain area or several areas, such as the public area, living area, library, and other combined areas.
4. Permission settings
The system can set different roles, such as the master administrator, query administrator, and control administrator. The administrators with different permissions can perform different authorized operations. Also, the system can set permissions for the terminal. The unauthorized operations are invalid.
5. Broadcast monitoring
When the system is broadcasting, the administrator or leader can monitor the content of each channel in real time to understand the broadcast status of the program. By monitoring the playback content and volume, the administrator can adjust the volume and playback content of each remote network adapter.
6. Emergency alarm
When the system is playing background music, if there is an emergency broadcast, the system will immediately switch to the emergency broadcast state, and make emergency broadcasts to the area that needs to be broadcast. At the same time, the system has an alarm linkage function. When there is an alarm, the system will automatically broadcast the local alarm to each control point and give an alarm to the involved area to improve the efficiency of crowd evacuation and reduce loss.
7. Notification broadcast in an emergency
The system can implement broadcast announcements to each classroom when an emergency occurs. The leaders have no need to go to the broadcast center, and can use any computer connected to the system server to speak remotely through the computer’s microphone, so as to quickly resolve the emergency.
8. Real-time audio acquisition and broadcasting
With the real-time program acquisition and broadcasting function, the system can collect real-time programs such as tuner, CD player, MP3 player and microphone, and compress them into high-quality data stream and store them on the server, and broadcast them to the designated network adapter at the same time as required to broadcast external programs and notifications, etc.
9. Independent control, playback function
The sports playground area is equipped with locally used audio source equipment, such as DVD player, tuner and wireless microphone, which can play their unique audio signals according to the corresponding activities. If the school holds a sports meeting, the system can be used for independent speech broadcast and other functions.
10. Sub-control broadcasting station for students and teachers (activity promotion and report)
It can be used to broadcasting and promotion in schools. Publicize and report major school activities, fully reflect campus life and give a full play to the role of public opinion. It acts as a bridge linking school news reports and current affairs reports at home and abroad.

 Main Devices

DSP9100(2U)& DSP9100(7U)
IP Audio PA & Intercom System Host

● 19" standard rack mounted
● IP based audio system, support LAN and WAN
● Paging for one zone, group or all zone
● Integrated with broadcasting, emergency alarm, remote paging, voice and video intercom, monitoring and TTS function
● Windows or Linux system optional
● B/S framework, easy to login the server and control the system
Intelligent VOIP relay server, could bridge connect with Cisco, Avaya, HUAWEI, 3CX etc.
● Support linkage with camera, realize broadcasting and monitor 20 hours working, high reliability and stable
● Multiple USB and VGA interfaces, convenient for expansion.
● Built-in 17.3 inch touch screen for 7U server, display group information, zone status, program list, and timing information
● Hidden push-pull keyboard and Touch Pad for 7U

IP Network Paging Station

● Built 10.1 inch LCD touch screen 
● It can control up to 200 zones, with single zone selection, multiple zone selection, and all zone selection 
● Integrated with intercom, broadcast, monitor, supervise, and music playing 
● Can display the followed zones and groups 
● Support max 9 zones monitoring information 
● With multi-level indication light for paging status 
● Save the recording file and running log 
● The microphone will turned off automatically after no signal input within the setting time 
● The screen backlight illumination time and brightness are adjustable 
● With user password and authority management 
● Power supply POE48V

SIP Network Column Speaker 

● 10/100M self-adaptive, support DHCP/static IP, support LAN and WAN. 
● Support SIP2.0 (RFC3261) and related RFC. 
● Narrowband Programing: G.711a/u; broadband programing: G.722. 
● Can operate independently from the network and the host. 
● Audio formats: MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, FLAC, APE and etc. 
● With Built-in high-capacity memory, program source and timing/ 
saving function. 
● Can play BGM, emergency paging and alarm signals from the host system. 
● Full-range speaker, clear bass level and bright treble. 
● Overall waterproof, with the IP55 certificate

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