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D7201 D7301 5G WiFi Conference System

D7201 D7301 5G WiFi Conference System

1.Solution Description

Based on touching and WiFi communication technology, DSPPA has successfully developed 5G WiFi wireless conference system. With a unique curved touch screen, the design of the conference unit gains a proprietary appearance patent , which not only enlarges the viewing angle, but also enhances the sense of texture.

Integrating no-delay Dante Conference System with WiFi Wireless Conference System, DSPPA Wireless Conference System can transmit 6 video signals and control signals simultaneously by adopting 48K, 16-bit uncompressed audio transmission technology. Based on one technology, it brings to customers Wi-Fi wireless discussion, check-in, voting, simultaneous transmission, intelligent control, clock date display and other functions.

2. Solution Highlight Functions

3.System Connection Diagram:

4.System Functions
● Simple structure and powerful load capacity
A wireless WiFi conference system consist of a D7201 host, a WiFi transmitter, and multiple wired and wireless conference microphones. It has a carrying capacity of up to 5,200 seats for unified management and data processing at the background.
● High confidentiality encryption technology
It adopts 128-bit AES encryption technology, and supports WPA/WPA2 wireless security technology, ensuring the confidentiality of meeting information
● Highly reliable transmission technology
Using the 5GHz communication frequency band, it has stronger bandwidth and faster communication speed, with good resistance to electric wave and electromagnetic interference, securing faster and more stable wireless signal transmission.
● High-fidelity sound quality, low-latency transmission
It adopts uncompressed audio transmission technology, with 20Hz-20kHz perfect sound quality, 48K sampling rate; The exclusive no-latency Dante conference system seamlessly integrates with the 5G WiFi wireless conference system, which can be used with any Dante device.
● Noise suppression processing
The host, embedded with a high-performance quad-core CPU processor, adopts soft mixing digital audio processing technology, and uses an ARM7 processing chip to effectively prevent sound from returning. The microphone has a built-in high-fidelity speaker, which is automatically muted. When the microphone is turned on, it will not produce howling, thus ensuring a quality meeting.
● Fast charging & super battery endurance life
The conference microphone adopts a large-capacity battery with long endurance. The battery supports fast charging. All WiFi units can be turned off with one button; The system makes it possible to master real-time information and comprehensive hardware monitoring.

Connection of 5G WiFi Conference System

5.Main Devices:

D7201  Dante Digital Conference System Host

● Comply with the international standard IEC 60914
● Allow connection of a maximum number of 4096 conference units
● Simultaneous interpretation can be achieved by selecting 15+1 language channel and the channel can be extended to 63+1
● Limitation on number of speakers at a same time (1/2/3/4/5/6)
● 4.3" TFT display touch screen
● Can set speech units to be VIP units. And it supports up to 32 VIP units
● Support five conference modes: FIFO, NORMAL, VOICE, FREE and APPLY. Supports up to 6 units speaking at the same time
● With embedded DSP, including low cut and equalizer
● Recording of conference for the whole process and provides two recording modes, automatic recording and manual recording
● Speech timing and speech timing countdown function. With the speech timing function, the user can set a time limit for each speech or deactivate this function
● Camera tracking function through the 6 HDMI camera interfaces
● One RS232 serial port to connect the conference system to the central control system seamlessly. And one RS422 serial port for connection with camera control circuit to realize centralized control of the cameras
● Four 100 MB +48V power supply RJ45 network interfaces to offer Dante audio transmission protocol and +48V network power supply for the connected conference units. The units can be linked with each other one by one


5G WiFi Conference Chairman and Delegate Microphone

D7301 5G WiFi Encryption Wireless Transmitter Host

D7331 5G WiFi Charge Box

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