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Electronic Nameplate System

1. Solution Description

DSPPA electronic nameplate system is an auxiliary system of modern digital conference system. It can be linked with the server via Cat-5 cable or Wi-Fi to realize central control. It has two LCD screens. One is to display the attendees’ information like company, position, name, etc., and the other is to display conference agenda, notice, documents, voting, call service, etc.

2. Solution Highlight Functions

3. System Connection Diagram

4. System Functions

1. Multi-meeting Presets
In a meeting, there may be different topics and different participants. You can preset all the meeting topics and participant information in this conference room in advance, and you can switch between multiple meetings. After switching to the next meeting, all the information will be updated instantly and the information of the participants of the next topic will be displayed!
2. Smart Seat Allocation
Support the absence mechanism. If someone is absent, all the nameplates behind will automatically move up to fill the absent seat and display it instantly, and the nameplate without a participant will automatically black out. Support the increase mechanism. If someone is added, all the nameplates behind will automatically move down and display in sequence. If you want to exchange seats, you are supposed to change the ID number in the back-end.
3. Analog Layout Display
Support the graphic display of the conference room layout. What you see is what you get.
Support the graphical interface to operate the actual nameplate display information in the venue.
Support the graphical interface to temporarily add and delete participants, change background pictures, modify personnel information, etc.
4. Bulk Upload
Support personnel form upload for unified display; support EXCEL form, support TXT file.
5. Standalone Function
Support standalone rename through the touch screen with the embedded handwriting input method, and the terminal supports handwriting input of participant information.
Support automatic import function through the terminal USB interface, and the system automatically recognizes the EXCEL name form in the U disk and automatically displays it on dual screens.
6. Conference Services
Conference services function. The terminal pushes service requirements to the back-end through the touch screen.
Support the back-end to send notifications to the participants in a unified or individual manner.
Support regular service functions: notes, tea, pen, paper, server personnel, add water, add tea, coffee, change cups, etc.
Support custom services: such as secretary, technician, waiter; or other call contents.
Support back-end display and handle feedback.

5. Applications

6. Main Devices

Electronic Nameplate Software


✽ Management software of electronic nameplates

✽ Modify the information of electronic nameplate, like company, position, name, etc.

✽ Send out notice and conference documents to electronic nameplates

✽ Carry out survey and voting with the electronic nameplates

✽ Service-call center of the electronic nameplates, including “drinks”, “pen and paper”, “cleaning”, etc.

Electronic Nameplate Server

By using the modern network electronic nameplate server, the conference theme, names and positions of participants and other information can be edited and displayed on the nameplate server, which supports a batch input of the entry and display of the meeting personnel information in a unit group. In addition to the former, such functions as seating arrangement in a conference room, video check-in counting, paging service at the meeting site, conference data push, initiation of real-time voting and questionnaire survey also can be realized.

Dual Screen Conference Electronic Nameplate

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