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UL Speaker DSP40I-Invisible Audio Solution for Home

This is a luxurious background music solution powered by DSP40I, invisible speaker with CE & UL certificates.


70V/100V inputs for commercial solution;

10W/20W/30W/40W for difference power requirements;

Unique installation design, totally invisible after painting/furnishing

Thanks to the developed technology and excellent design, the speaker DSP40I and be installed inside walls or ceilings, and painted to the colors as its surroundings to be totally invisible. The driver units of the speaker are made with rare earth permanent magnetic material, thus the speaker can be ultrathin but with excellent sound effect. The main structure of the speaker is consisted of two parts: the base box and the sounding unit.

 luxurious background music solutionDSP40Iinvisible speaker

The base box is design to protect the sounding unit, and at the meantime, supply a necessary space for reverberation.

The sounding unit consists of a metal structure, 4 driver units and a transformer. A special calculation and unique design is used to balance the vibration of the whole speaker.

A special vibration panel is used in the front part of the speaker. The unique material and its honeycomb design assure the penetration and spread of the original music without attenuation.

A correct routine is crucial for the installation of DSP40I. Below are the conventional installation steps by our engineer.

installation step

Thanks to the excellent sound and unique design of the invisible speaker DSP40I, it can be installed in the high-end places where background music is needed. It is an ideal solution for high commercial places like class restaurants, coffee shops, fashion shops, luxury shops, etc.

Invisible speaker dsp401

The DSP40I is now certificated with CE and UL, thus is can be used in most of the places around the world. It is of 70V/100V input and 40W rated power output. A variety option of DSP30I/DSP20I/DSP10I is also available.

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