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MP210U Series Mixer Amplifier -- Applied to Gym/Restaurant/Cafe

Solution Description

As we all know that music can add more fun to boring fitness. Therefore, playing relaxing or rhythmic music in the gym will allow people to follow the rhythm to move, so as to improve the efficiency of training. For example: listening to some fast-paced music while running can help you significantly increase your speed. When doing stretching exercises, people tend to be more inclined to quiet and relaxing music. DSPPA new MP210U series mixer amplifier is an integrated multi-zone amplifier with Bluetooth, FM, and USB, allowing you to enjoy clear and beautiful sound.

Mixer Amplifier Highlight Functions 

 System Connection Diagram


The MP210U series mixer amplifier is a six-zone mixing amplifier that integrates 4 microphone inputs and 3 auxiliary inputs, with an independent master volume and volume gain control knobs for each zone, as well as independent treble and bass knobs to facilitate user preferences. Besides, it has emergency voice input, ringtone, overload protection and other functions. It is suitable for small and medium-sized public address projects such as mosques, offices, restaurants or bars, fitness clubs, auditoriums, warehouses, plants and retail stores.

5. MP210U Features
MP210U Series Mixer Amplifier consists of 4 models: MP210U, MP310U, MP610U, and MP1010U.
Descriptions of Panel

● Integrate MP3 player, FM tuner, BT, 6-zone selector, preamplifier and power amplifier. 
● Support the infrared remote controller to control MP3/TUNER/BT, which includes modes switching, program selection, volume adjustment, repeat mode and EQ mode selection, and USB/SD switching. 
● Support LED display of volume, host status, program number, etc.
● 2 MIC IN,3 AUX IN, and 1 AUX OUT, suitable for public address. 
● 4-16 Ω constant resistance (balanced, ungrounded) output.
● With 6-zone selector, individual volume control and output level indication for each zone.
● Support 6 gears of 0V, 6V, 13V, 25V, 50V, and 100V for the voltage output of each zone.
● With mute function for priority broadcast.
● With treble and bass control.
● With chime function for priority output.
● With 5-unit LED level meter for monitoring working status.
● With short circuit protection and alarm for output.
● Customizable: Phantom power, American standard, no sound sources version.


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