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Professional Audio PA Solution for Gymnasium

DSPPA Professional Audio PA System for Gymnasium

Professional Audio PA Solution for Gymnasium

1. System Description + Functions

We choose the public address system composed of professional audio equipment with superior sound quality which can withstand high power output for a medium-sized multi-purpose basketball gymnasium with more than 5,000 auditoriums, in order to satisfy the requirement of subjective listening. The PA system can not only meet the requirements of language amplification for sports competition and assembly, but also meet the requirements of music  amplification for general cultural and sports performance and competition.

2. Features

Clear voice, no distortion, sufficient sound pressure margin, homogeneous sound field distribution, no sound feedback or squeal, accurate sound field positioning

3. System Connection Diagram

Connection Diagram of Professional Audio PA Solution for Gymnasium

4. Site Layout
Professional Audio PA Solution for Gymnasium

5. Realized Functions

1. Make the gymnasium loud enough to cover the near, middle and far fields evenly.

2. The sound pressure level in the auditorium can meet the national level hall requirements.

3. The auditorium is covered by the loudspeakers. No matter in the competition or in the cultural entertainment and artistic performance, the audiences can hear clear and pleasant music and language sounds, which makes our design truly achieve the ideal and perfect effect.

4. The directivity of the debugging speaker makes the majority of the energy of the speaker controlled in the required range, so as to avoid the over-loud voice of commentators which may cause interference and influence to the athletes.

6. Product List

Product List of Professional Audio PA Solution for Gymnasium

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