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14×20 Audio Matrix PA System for Factories MAG2120II/MP9810RII

14×20 Audio Matrix PA System for Factories MAG2120II/MP9810RII

I. Solution Overview & Requirements

In order to strengthen the management of the factory and create a comfortable and relaxing working environment, the user is now planning to build a public address system, the PA system is an important tool for internal communication and management of the factory, which can not only enhance the efficiency of the work, to protect the safety of the staff, but also enhance the sense of belonging of the staff and team cohesion, playing an important role for the operation and development of the factory.

Project Requirements
● Efficient communication tools: Real-time transmission of information, ensuring employees can respond quickly and improve work efficiency.
● Wide coverage: can cover a wide area, ensuring that information is delivered to every corner so that all employees can receive key information.
● Dealing with emergencies: Emergency plans can be activated immediately to guide employees to take safety measures or conduct emergency evacuation to improve their ability to respond to emergencies.
● Promote the construction of corporate culture: it can play background music, company news, employee commendation and other information, which is helpful to create a positive working atmosphere, enhance employees' sense of belonging, and promote corporate culture construction.

II. Factory Park Configuration - Solution

Factory Park Configuration
● Background Music: Play daily music, timing music in zones throughout the day, and play different background music in different zones.
● Remote Paging: Can broadcast and paging any zone and provide remote paging from the property management monitoring room in the venue.
● Fire linkage: equipped with fire broadcast function. Customize triggering alarms for a certain partition or multiple partitions
● Wireless remote control: 12 shortcut keys. You can play or pause the audio of a partition, as well as adjust the volume and other operating modes.



Product Name




Remote Control Software




Remote Paging Station




MP3/Tuner/BT Player




Intelligent PA Center




8 channols Seguonce Controller




4 channel Digital amplifer




Column Speaker




Ceiling Speaker




Wall Mount Speaker




Horn Speaker


III. Highlight 1

III. Highlight 2

Quick Remote Control Function
● The remote control range of the wireless remote control is about 100 meters.
●You can set 12 shortcut keys to control the playback of built-in MP3 (excluding external USB disk songs), built-in radio, and 2 external peripheral audio sources  (5 each).
●Different partitions can perform different shortcut key tasks.
●You can choose whether to have a prompt sound when starting a task remotely.

IV. Product Function 1

IV. Product Function 2

Priority Ranking
● The priority level of this system, in order from advanced to secondary, is as follows:  aviation microphone>alarm>remote paging>telephone paging>Android software paging>network paging alarm sound source>background music (sound source 1-8/MP3_1/MP3_2 /MP3_3/radio/Bluetooth/network background sound source playback).
● Signals with high priority can override signals with low priority and be output first. When the high-priority signal ends, the low-priority signal is automatically restored.

IV. Product Function 3

IV. Product Function 4

IV. Product Function 5

V. Product Feature 1_20 Zones Intelligent Public Address Center--MAG2120II

● The public address controller integrates such functions as playing, intelligent timing control, audio matrix and zone control.
● There are 5 timing schemes and 200 timing points for each timing scheme, for cycles on a 7-day basis. Each timing point is available for control of audio source selection,including chime, 3-channel built-in MP3, built-in AM/FM, 2-channel power supplies, 2 external peripheral audio sources (CD, tuner). The 5 timing schemes can be switched easily.
● Can be connected to an external computer through LAN for control of the host via software.
● Four paging microphones can be connected at the same time, and the remote paging microphone can be extended through the 9-pin port.
● Support network paging and online paging with Android software.
● Can monitor each zone in real time with volume control (digital volume control).
● 100-meter wireless control with 12 programmable buttons, allowing for customized zone on/off and audio source/song selection with just one button.
● With 3 types of chime signal output function (digital volume control).
● With telephone zone paging function (digital volume control, password alteration, all paging, optional paging and programmed paging).

V. Product Feature 2_40 Zones Intelligent Public Address Center--MAG2140II

14×40 Zone
The audio output is expanded to 40 zones based on the 20-zone MAG2120II.
The fire trigger input is expanded to 40 zones based on the 20-zone MAG2120II.

V. Product Feature 3_100 Zones Paging Microphone--MP9810RII

● In the MAG2120II system, up to 4 remote paging microphones are supported.
The transmission distance can reach 600M.
100 partitions available.
Built-in chime generator can emit rising and falling tones.
With mute function.

VI. Application Scenarios

The 14x20 audio matrix public address system is also well-suited for establishments such as restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets, fitness rooms, and other similar venues.

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