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DSPPA | 2024 Annual Event of the DSPPA Global Center

DSPPA | 2024 Annual Event of the DSPPA Global Center

Abstract:In 2024, we will approach our work with even greater enthusiasm and dedication to create even more brilliant results.

On 25th January, DSPPA Global Center successfully held its annual event, with all members gathered together to showcase their unity, innovation, and performance results.

It is a great honor to invite Mr. Wang (Chairman of DSPPA), Mrs. Wang (CEO of DSPPA), Mrs. Dong (Director of Administration Dept.), Mr. Huang (GM of Domestic Marketing & Sales Center), Mr. Guo (GM of R&D Center), Mr. Zeng (GM of Production Center), Mr. Gao (GM of Sci-Tech R&D Dept.), and Mr. Xiao (VIP customer from the U.S.) to attend our annual event.

The annual event was split into five parts: Leaders’ Remarks, Award Ceremony, Team Show, Top Sales Manager Campaign, and Lucky Draw.

Leaders’ Remarks
The event began with impassioned opening remarks from the leaders.

Remarks from Our Chairman

Mr. Wang, the chairman of DSPPA Group, acknowledged our progress in 2024 and expressed encouragement and expectations for us.

Remarks from Our Leader

William Wong, the General Manager of DSPPA Global Center, delivered an annual work report on the achievements made in 2023, reflected on the shortcomings in the work, analyzed the market situation, and proposed a development plan for 2024.

Award Ceremony
Subsequently, the highly anticipated award ceremony became one of the highlights of the entire annual event.

Outstanding Teams & Individuals

A total of seven awards were presented, including Outstanding Teams, Outstanding Supervisor, Outstanding Employees, Outstanding Newcomer, Bee-Like Employees, Best Performance Team, and Best Performance Manager, recognizing outstanding teams and individuals over the past year.

Team Show
To enhance cohesion between departments, the annual event featured a special part for team show.

Wonderful Performances
Each department presented captivating performances, demonstrating the team’s cohesion and creativity, and earning enthusiastic applause from the audience.

The top three teams are Sales Team 1 & 4, Marketing Team, and Sales Team 1, 3 & 7.

Top Sales Manager Campaign
Following that, the campaign of Top Sales Managers sparked heated discussions.

Top Sales Manager Campaign
Sales managers vying for the positions meticulously prepared PPT presentations, showcasing their strengths and innovative thinking in business expansion and team cooperation.

This segment not only added tension to the campaign but also provided the team with more inspiration and learning opportunities.

Top Sales Manager Winners

Lucky Draw
In a relaxed and joyful atmosphere, the lucky draw segment excited participants even more.

Moments of surprise added excitement to the entire event, and the prizes won by the lucky ones not only brought laughter but also conveyed the company’s care for its employees.

Finally, an exquisite dinner concluded the entire event perfectly.

In the new year, we will approach our work with even greater enthusiasm and dedication to create even more brilliant achievements.

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