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Some Usage Details of IP Public Address System

The function of the IP public address system is very powerful because it is not only in the fields of public security and public security such as the government, the military, railway transportation, and various enterprises. Digital IP public address can be promoted wherever there is a network.

The IP public address system can realize two-way intercom, broadcast monitoring, arbitrary on-demand, real-time collection, terminal selection, one-key intercom, timing playback, leading online speech, online radio broadcast, audio automatic trigger terminal equipment, and fire alarm broadcast. Multi-network integration can be realized, and the mobile phone APP can control multiple areas such as ceiling speakers. Because when customers consider their own requirements, they mentioned whether they can use mobile phones after IP network equipment is installed. After the communication between the sales staff and the technical staff, this problem was solved and the mobile phone can be used.

For some customers who install an office IP public address system, they may not understand the broadcasting equipment. They often ask about how many squares are needed for ceiling speakers. Ceiling speakers are about 25 squares for a meeting. As background music or fire alarm function, it basically requires 40-50 square meters. If you need good sound quality, then network wall-mounted speakers are the first choice.

When choosing a plan, people mostly ask what the customer needs, but in many cases, they ignore some of the details that the customer really needs when choosing a plan, such as a customer's need to know the scope of equipment use, etc. These are the problems and solutions that we should constantly communicate with customers.

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