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Automatic Recording & Broadcasting Solution for Classroom

Automatic Recording & Broadcasting Solution for Classroom

Automatic Recording & Broadcasting Solution for Classroom

1. Solution Description

The recording and broadcasting system can record high-quality courses for live and on-demand broadcasting, through which teachers can learn from each other and improve the teaching level and students can learn independently and improve their learning level. The teacher-student interaction is not only a key point in teaching, but also an important indicator for evaluating classroom teaching quality. It can reproduce the accurate and complete classroom interactive teaching, and truly realize the quality of classroom teaching, which is the basis of recording and broadcasting system. With the improvement of education information and the application of high-quality teaching methods, the teaching level of teachers has been greatly improved compared with the past. With the quality of courses improved qualitatively, more and more teachers’ courses have been incorporated into excellent courses. However, from the perspective of school-based resource construction, the existing software and hardware recording conditions and the number of video shooting staff are far from meeting the actual recording quality and quantity requirements. Therefore, it requires an advanced course recording system to solve the current problems fundamentally: the limitation on recording conditions and the number of photographers. In this way, it can realize the normalization of course recording and course accumulation. For example: there are two classrooms with 30 square meters each for 20 students, one of which is a recording room.

2. Features:

Fully automatic recording, real-time monitoring, fully automatic image tracking, diverse recording methods, simple operation, etc.

3. Connection Diagram

Automatic Recording & Broadcasting Solution for Classroom

4. Attainable Functions

4.1 Fully automatic recording and broadcasting
In the classroom, the system can integrate recording, automatic tracking and positioning, live broadcasting, interaction, remote broadcast directing, monitoring, and resource sharing. All those modules are seamlessly combined and interconnected.
4.2 Diverse recording methods
The teacher can set manual recording and automatic recording by himself, and set the schedule through the remote recording and control center to achieve unattended fully automatic intelligent recording and broadcasting without interference in the classroom.
4.3 Real-time monitoring
The staff can monitor the current video and movie mode screens on the recording and broadcasting station in a real-time remote manner through a TV wall.
4.4 Recording and broadcasting protection
The recording staff can observe the recording process in real time, and can restore to the previous state in time when an abnormality occurs.
4.5 Courseware resource sharing center
The system is a resource management and sharing platform based on B/S architecture. It can realize unified management of recorded courseware, and resource classification and retrieval, gradually forming an online course system to meet the network application of resources.
4.6 Integrated online on-demand and live-streaming
Students can play online video recordings on the host through the LAN, Internet and other networks.
During the teaching process, it can realize live broadcast of such classroom contents as audio and video, and contents on the computer screen, and the receiving terminal can watch the live classroom through the IE browser. It supports LAN and Internet live broadcast. During Internet live broadcast, it can be integrated with the Active Class synchronous teaching system, which supports high bit rate recording and low bit rate live broadcast. The recording host supports live broadcast of data and videos to the set-top boxes of other classrooms through the IP network or digital cable television network. The corresponding set-top boxes of the system support two-channel HD video decoding. At the receiving terminal, different video displays and layouts, such as two-screen and picture-in-picture, can be chose through the remote controller.
4.7 Fully automatic image tracking
Based on image recognition and motion detection, the system can automatically detect target movement and realize real-time tracking and positioning, not affected by lights and electromagnetism in the classroom. It can track the teaching activity area of teachers and the seating area of students. The camera's lens can automatically track teaching activities including walking around the podium, writing on the blackboard and others in all directions, without manual control of the camera's position. When a student stands up to speak, the system can use stereo vision triggering technology to automatically locate the student, and automatically call the student camera to take close-up shots of the student who are speaking.
4.8 Courseware recording in accordance with SCORM international standards, with diverse recording methods
The system has three split screen coursewares of video, VGA signal and index. It supports the recording of 1-4 audio and video signals and 1 VGA signal, with high-definition standards (720P, 1080i/P) and adaptive resolution of VGA input source. The recorded courseware will be stored in the courseware resource sharing center automatically. It can record in movie mode and split screen mode at the same time, with a standard streaming media file or a whole file for each picture during recording. In the movie recording mode, multi-channel videos can be automatically switched according to a set mechanism or can be manually switched, which can be set according to the actual situation of the teacher in the recording classroom. Various recording modes, flexible and diverse, can meet the needs of different scene applications to record in movie mode and full scene mode. Record parameters, record process, basic information and others can be preset as recording templates to achieve fast recording. Multi-channel videos can be automatically switched according to a set mechanism without the need of additional guide peripherals.
4.9 Simple operation
Simple operation: press the “Start Record”  button to start recording.

5. Packing List







Main Host




Intelligent Control Screen




Integrate Camera for teacher




Omnidirectional microphone (hidden)




70v/100v/8Ohm  5--30W  Outdoor Waterproof Column Speaker




UHF wireless mic




12 Channel Audio Mixer (YAMAHA)




Stereo Mixer Amplifier with 4 mic & EQ Control


Note: The table is for reference only.

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