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Concept of Paperless Intelligent Conferences

What is a paperless conference system?

A paperless conference system is a system that uses modern communication technology, audio technology, video technology, and software technology to achieve a paperless conference through electronic exchange of documents.

Features: networked file transfer, electronic file display, intelligent file editing, and controllable file input and output.


One of the basic features of the paperless conference system is that the conference room is equipped with a large screen for public video display and a seat display that can be controlled and used individually. When selecting seat display or asynchronous display, the participants operate the intelligent terminal themselves. At this time, the intelligent terminal is like a standard computer used independently. Each participant can switch between synchronously displaying the public signal and asynchronously displaying with one click.

The equipment covered by the paperless conference system includes audio systems, video systems, software systems that provide conference services and auxiliary tools, screen lifting or flipping systems for each seat, projection systems or splicing screens for public display. In addition, network switches, central control systems, DVD players, and video matrices are also frequently required equipment in conference rooms.

How to implement and build a paperless conference system?

paperless conference

dsppa paperless

Various system integrators and software development companies have made many attempts. A paperless conference system should first be an intelligent conference system. The intelligence here is not only to achieve intelligent control of the devices used in the conference room, not only to provide intelligent tools and services for the conference process, but more importantly, to achieve intelligentization of the conference process, usage mode, and even document retrieval and conference decision-making.

Using the LCD touch display terminal (LCD touch display screen, conference tablet, etc.) as the center, integrating high-definition video and unified communication functions, intelligent multi-screen interactive sharing functions, intelligent conference room control, audio and video capture and sound amplification systems, etc., to form a "people-oriented" intelligent conference experience.

To the greatest extent, it integrates conference multi-functions (video sign-in, call service, bidding and voting, SMS receiving and sending, asynchronous document viewing, synchronous display of conference materials and handwriting annotations, video playback or live broadcast, web browsing, conference speeches, etc.) on the intelligent display terminal, and provides users with the most natural human-computer interaction interface in the form of simulated UI (supporting capacitive screen multi-touch zooming, screen flipping and paging reading annotation, Send and save operations). At the same time, it also realizes the collaborative work, intelligent sharing, and interactive control of mobile terminals such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops with intelligent display terminals.

Below are the two currently mainstream forms. The first is desktop-style, the second is lifting-style, both of which support manual adjustment of the angle for easy viewing angle.

conference system

paperless conference system

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