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【DSPPA Demo】PAVA8000 EN54 Voice Evacuation System

Abstract: DSPPA PAVA8000 EN54 Voice Evacuation System
Today, we are gonna show you a demo about our PAVA8000 EN54 Voice Evacuation System.

PAVA8000EN54 Voice Evacuation System can not only support manual operation and timing programming, with priority for manual operation, but support real-time detection of equipment operating status and operation log records. It can meet the relevant standards of “EN54 - Part 16 Voice Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment” and “GB16806-2006 Automatic Control System for Fire Protection”.

This broadcasting system can be used for fire emergency broadcasting, daily business broadcasting and background music broadcasting. Positioned as a small emergency broadcasting system, this system has been mainly used in small shopping malls, small office buildings and exhibition halls.

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