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Conference Audio System Solution

Due to its specific function, the conference room must have good language clarity. In addition to being equipped with good audio equipment, it must also undergo acoustic design to provide a good acoustic environment. How to install a conference sound system? Let's take a look at the conference audio system solution below.


  • For the conference audio system, we need to determine the type of speaker according to the requirements. There are household, professional, and broadcasting sound systems. If you want to use it professionally in a conference room, household sound systems are not suitable, and broadcasting sound systems have poor sound quality.

  • For the conference audio system, determine that the room needs to absorb sound, such as using sound-absorbing materials on the walls, laying carpets on the floor, etc., to ensure that the room's reflection sound is reduced, the reverberation is reduced, and the possibility of howling is also reduced.


  • Determine the sound pressure level that needs to be achieved for the conference sound system, as well as the number and characteristics of the speakers. According to the standard GYJ25-86 "Acoustic Characteristics Index of Hall Sound Reinforcement System," the sound pressure level of the first-class banquet hall and conference room should be greater than or equal to 103dB, and the second-class should be greater than or equal to 98dB.


The expected sound power of the sound field is about 600W-800W. In other words, you need to buy professional speakers, four of them, distributed two before and after, suspended or using floor stands. Each speaker should have 400W-600W, and the sensitivity of each speaker should be between 98dB and 103dB. In this way, your sound field requirements can be met. If you require uniform sound field, you can add two more speakers with the same indicators and place them on both sides of the middle position.

  • For the conference audio system, professional equipment is required to use professional speakers, starting with:

(1) Mixer console;


(2) Conference microphone (optional with host computer, which can be pre-amplified);

(3) Handheld wireless or wired microphone (used by the host).

The mixer console should be selected according to the number of microphones. If it is only a conference, an 8-channel or 10-channel mixer console is sufficient.

Secondly, there must be amplifiers. Two amplifiers are used to drive four speakers, and three amplifiers are used to drive six speakers. If the power and impedance are matched properly, two amplifiers can also drive four speakers.

If the budget is sufficient, the conference sound system can also add equalizers, effectors, feedback suppressors, limiters, etc. Otherwise, just add an equalizer and a digital processor directly.

In the simplest case, all you need is a microphone, mixer console (with effects), amplifier, and speakers that are connected.

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