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The National Standard Approval Meeting held in Beijing

The National Standard Approval Meeting held in Beijing

The approval meeting of the National StandardTechnical standard of public address system engineeringis held in Beijing on July 16, 2019. Xue Changli, director of standard quota department of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD), addressed the opening ceremony.

The national standardTechnical code of public address system engineering published and executed in 2010 is chief-edited by DSPPA and Audio Engineering Association of Chinese Institute of Electronics. It has been the authorized reference for the construction of public address system engineering for years.


With the development of audio technologies, the standard needs to be revised to meet new demands in the field. In the past 2 years, DSPPA collected comments and suggestions from experts, professors and other related people, added new technical terms and concepts in the standard to finish editingTechnical standard of public address system engineering, which is the revised version ofTechnical code of public address system engineering.


Director of MOHURD, experts and professors attended the approval meeting and gave opinions about the new standards. The standard is further refined in the meeting. At the end of the meeting, the standard was approved and will be published in the future.

The new standard will continue to serve as the authorized reference in the field of public address system and will help to ensure more PA system engineering projects to be more safe, qualified and standard! 

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