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DSPPA | Marking Success at 2024 International Annual Meeting

DSPPA | Marking Success at 2024 International Annual Meeting

Abstract: On May 27, DSPPA held a grand international annual meeting, strengthening the partnership with its distributors.

On May 27, 2024, DSPPA held a grand international annual meeting and invited distributor partners from around the world to review the remarkable achievements of the past year and to look forward to future development prospects, strengthening the partnership with its distributors.

2024 Int’l Annual Meeting
In the morning, our distinguished distributors gradually arrived, registered with their lucky numbers for today, and signed their names on the signature wall.

Amidst a joyous gathering, the DSPPA 2024 International Annual Meeting kicked off with a grand celebration, ushering in every participant with the special performance of the ancient Chinese drum “fou”, providing them with an extraordinary cultural encounter.

Opening Address by Our Chairman
Mr. Wang Heng, the Chairman of DSPPA, delivered an impassioned opening address, extending a warm welcome to all the distributors and expressing his profound gratitude for their collaborative efforts and the impressive accomplishments achieved over the past year.

Performance Report 2023
Following this, Mr. William Wong, the General Manager of the Global Center, took the stage to present an in-depth analysis of the 2023 performance report.

During his presentation, Mr. Wong fully acknowledged the contributions made by the distributors to the company’s development and affirmed his dedication to fostering continued collaboration, aiming to achieve even greater success together.

Award Ceremony
2023 Distinguished Distributor Awards
After a short break, we honored the top-performing distributors in 2023 with trophies, acknowledging their exceptional contributions to market expansion, customer service, and brand promotion over the past year.

2024 Global Distributor Certificates
Additionally, we awarded the 2024 Global Distributor Certificates to those in attendance, expressing our anticipation for their continued excellence in the coming year. We will continue to maintain a close-knit partnership with our distributors, jointly facing market challenges, seizing opportunities, and shaping a promising future landscape.

Distinguished Distributor Sharing
Subsequently, we invited three distinguished distributors to share their success stories and market insights, offering invaluable guidance and inspiration to their peers. They conveyed their heartfelt appreciation for our trust and support, and pledged to intensify their efforts, collaboratively driving the advancement of the audio and video industry.

As the atmosphere reached a crescendo, the first round of the lucky draw commenced.

Ten fortunate guests were delighted to receive exquisite gifts, and three lucky participants were overjoyed to win Huawei Mate Pads.

Notably, this year’s conference featured a special tour of the business academy to experience our professional sound equipment, allowing guests to witness the impressive quality and immersive experience of high-end sound systems firsthand.

In the afternoon, our distinguished guests embarked on a captivating journey through the Audio History Museum and the Video History Museum, delving deep into the rich tapestry of audio and video evolution

Concurrently, we ventured into our state-of-the-art IoT Experience Center, offering a hands-on encounter with DSPPA’s pioneering technology and innovative product lineup to them.

After the museum tour, we conducted specialized product training sessions for our distributors. Groundbreaking solutions were unveiled one by one, capturing the keen interest and sparking vibrant discussions among the guests.

Enthusiastically, they eagerly approached to experience these innovations firsthand, marveling at the sophistication of pioneering technology and applauding DSPPA’s innovative prowess.

And then, we ushered in the last round of the lucky draw, igniting the atmosphere once more.

The grand prize winner was thrilled to claim the iPhone 15, expressing profound gratitude to DSPPA and emphasizing their commitment to jointly exploring broader markets for mutual growth and shared success.

On this occasion, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended the event and made it more successful and memorable.

In its final moments, the DSPPA 2024 International Annual Meeting concluded with unparalleled distinction.

This grant event not only strengthened the bonds with our distributors, but also fostered a sense of renewed optimism and shared vision for collaborative strides in the forthcoming year.

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