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DSPPA | Railway PA System for Guiyang Urban Rail Transit Line 3

DSPPA | Railway PA System for Guiyang Urban Rail Transit Line 3

Abstract: DSPPA Railway PA System empowers smart railway construction for Guiyang Urban Rail Transit Line 3.

On the morning of December 16th, the opening ceremony of Guiyang Urban Rail Transit Line 3 was held in Zhongcaosi Control Center. Hu Zhongxiong, member of the Standing Committee of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of Guiyang Municipal Party Committee, and Party Committee Secretary of Guian New District announced the opening of Guiyang Urban Rail Transit Line 3.

#Opening Ceremony of  Guiyang Urban Rail Transit Line 3

It is reported that Guiyang Urban Rail Transit Line 3 passes through 4 administrative areas: Huaxi District (including the Economic Development Zone), Nanming District, Yunyan District, and Wudang District, with a total length of 43.03 kilometers.

It currently holds the title for longest operating mileage, largest passenger volume, fastest running speed, and the highest degree of wisdom among all subway lines in Guiyang. There are 29 stations across the line, as well as a parking lot, vehicle section and a control center.

DSPPA Railway PA System solution empowered smart rail transit construction with technology and has been successfully applied to Guiyang Urban Rail Transit Line 3!

Unified Deployment of Stations & Lines
DSPPA Railway Station and Line PA System is an intelligent information broadcasting system based on informatization, which adopts two-level system of center and station and B/S architecture.

The control center compiles corresponding voice files according to different affected areas through the PA system and issues them uniformly to all stations.

Transportation development is an important aspect of the comprehensive development of a city. A well-connected transportation network is crucial in promoting economic growth, cultural exchanges, and social benefits between different regions.

The opening and operation of Guiyang Urban Rail Transit Line 3 is a major measure to promote the Strategy for "Strong Provincial Capitals". DSPPA will make every effort to empower technology and provide passengers with a safer and more comfortable traveling experience.

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