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DSPPA | Moment of Glory! Chairman Mr. Wang-The 100th Torchbearer

DSPPA | Moment of Glory! 

Chairman Mr. Wang-The 100th Torchbearer

Abstract: Congratulations to Mr. Wang Heng, Chairman of DSPPA Group, on the successful completion of the Asian Games torch relay!

On 13th September, the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou Torch Relay was officially launched in Zhoushan City, Zhejiang.

Mr. Wang Heng, Chairman of DSPPA, served as the 100th torchbearer, holding high the solemn torch and waving enthusiastically to the audience on the spot, and successfully completed the torch relay with a high-spirited attitude, gloriously fulfilling the mission of the torchbearer.

A total of 170 torchbearers participated in the torch relay of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou in Zhoushan. The team of torchbearers includes outstanding athletes, coaches and other sports workers, role models of the times, loyal guards, moral models, model workers, “the Most Beautiful People” and other advanced representatives from all walks of life, who have made remarkable contributions to the Asian Games Hangzhou.

The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou

The 100th Torchbearer – Mr. Wang Heng, Chairman of DSPPA

As one of the main drafters of the national standard for public address system engineering, a pioneer in the internationalization of the national standard for public address system engineering, and a leader of a national high-tech enterprise, Mr. Wang Heng has always adhere to the mission of “Building a National Brand, Revitalizing National Science and Technology” since he founded DSPPA in 1988.

He has participated in major domestic and international projects, such as Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia, the 9th Asia-Europe Summit, Hangzhou G20 Summit, Jakarta Asian Games, Military World Games Wuhan, and Beijing Winter Olympics, leading DSPPA to empower world events with digital technology, and securing the leading position of Chinese national brands in the world.

In 10 days, the Asian Games Hangzhou will be opened. Starting from being awarded the “Official Supplier of Audio Equipment for the Asian Games Hangzhou”, DSPPA has engaged in the audio construction of the Asian Games venues. With the delivery of major venues, Mr. Wang Heng is deeply proud to see that DSPPA has ensured the smooth holding of the Asian Games by virtue of its high-quality products and professional services. And we will see that DSPPA will once again shine bright as a national enterprise in a world event.

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