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Networked + Wireless Emergency Broadcasting System for City

1. Solution Description
Safety is one of the most important topics in people’s daily life; but in recent years, there have been frequent sudden crises in society, such as
Natural Disasters

Networked + Wireless Emergency Broadcasting System for City
Hazardous Chemicals
Networked + Wireless Emergency Broadcasting System for City
And Major Public Emergencies
Networked + Wireless Emergency Broadcasting System for City

But what we can do when such major disasters came to us?

City is an area with dense population. When major disasters arrive, we can only avoid them and evacuate the scene as much as we can. Therefore, our company has designed an emergency broadcasting system according to this situation. It is a broadcasting system combining wireless and network, and it can provide a fast and rapid message transmission channel. The system host can transmit wireless signals to the terminal equipment through a wireless transmitter, or can also transmit directly through the network to the scene, and the disaster news or the possible damage caused by the disaster can be passed to the people in the first place, so that they can know immediately what happened, how to evacuate, avoid risks, and minimize the loss of life and property.

2. Connection Diagram
City - Emergency broadcasting system(Networked + Wireless)

3. Attainable Functions

1. Wireless and Network PA Functions

The system host can support both wireless broadcasting and network broadcasting. You can choose the suitable broadcasting method based on the site construction environment. For example: you can use wireless broadcasting in forests or highways that can not be covered with lines; while you can use network broadcasting in parks or squares that are convenient for installation and wiring to save costs.

2. Background Music (Prompt Tone)

In the host room, the host can be connected to multiple audio sources, such as FM, CD, MP3 and other audio source devices. You can also connect your computer to an audio acquisition card to play the audio on the internet. Besides, you can play different background musics in different areas of the city. For example, you can play background musics in squares, warning voices such as no open flames in forests, and warning signs like “Keep Safe Distance” in highways.

3. Zone Settings

Through the host, you can set different zones in the city broadcasting system for convenient management of public places with dense population such as parks, pedestrian streets, and squares; broadcast to a designated area or multiple areas through remote paging microphone; extend the zones in the system, and choose the wireless broadcasting or network broadcasting based on the needs of the site. It is easy to construct, fast to install, simple to maintain at a later stage, saving costs and eliminating unnecessary wastes.

4. Unattended Operation

The system host has a timing function, which can make a timing program for playing. The system will run according to the program pre-programmed by the broadcast staff under unattended operation. You can play the schedule tone of various sound source types every day manually or regularly. Besides, you can set different programs and different zone volumes at the same time in different timing zones. During the epidemic, you can broadcast the epidemic prevention knowledge and the latest epidemic situation regularly to the residents of the city.

5. Remote Sub-control and Level-to-level Administration

The system has remote control function. The computer in the system network equipped with the control software of this system can operate and modify this system through remote control. The user can make level-to-level administration within his permission according to his actual needs in different places, for more effective real-time broadcast or emergency notification. The system can call the system host for broadcast or temporary emergency broadcast.

6. Emergency Help and Priority Functions

Emergency broadcast is always related to sudden warning information and immediate emergency notification. Under the emergency state, emergency insertion can be realized at all levels of the system according to the principle of emergency broadcasting priority, so that the public can receive those emergency information immediately. There are emergency help buttons on parks, urban roads or highways. You can also use those devices to ask the broadcast center for help in an emergency.

4. Product List







Wireless Public Address Platform




Remote sub-control




25W Wireless PA System Transmitter




Emergency Paging Station




Coax Cable




Double Dipole Antenna




PA System Multifunctional CD Player with Bluetooth




Emergency Audio Decoder




Wireless PA System Terminal with Amplifier




650W MP98 Series Power Amplifier




30W-60W Outdoor Waterproof Column Speaker




50W High Fidelity Horn Speaker




15W-30W Rock Speaker




IP Network Column Alarm Terminal


Note: This table is for reference only.

5. Parameters

1. WEP5500 Wireless Public Address Platform


★ 17" true color touch screen, easy to use.

★ Full digital transmission; mainly through wireless and network transmission.

★ With one-key trigger of all-zone alarm and manual alarm function, and with FM tuner.

★ Can remotely turn on the equipment in the broadcasting room by telephone, and issue early warning voice information and alarm signals.

★ Can store 10000 phone numbers, with priority settings.

★ With the function of automatic connection of telephone for broadcast and control of work status and instructions.

★ Equipped with an interface for the fire center. The alarm can override other inputs automatically, and the terminal will resume the broadcast program before disconnection automatically after it is disconnected.

★ Zone monitoring function and recording function.
★ With built-in 4 independent audio input channels, CD player and dedicated audio source.

2. WEP5530 Emergency Paging Station


★ Adopt high-fidelity and hand-held dynamic microphone design.

★ Built-in 3W monitor speaker, convenient for pre-listening programs and intercom.

★ Built-in AGC processing circuit with high fidelity and large dynamic range.

★ Adopt embedded real-time system platform, and high-performance ARM processor.

★ Paging and intercom between intelligent paging stations.

3. WEP9125T Wireless PA System Transmitter

WEP9125T Wireless PA System Transmitter
★ Clear LED display.
Hi-Fi Stereo 25W power transmitter.

★ Frequency range: 76MHz - 108MHz.
★ Frequency adjustable in effective range.
★ Anti-interference from same range signals.
★ Mono/stereo mode switchable.
★ Electrical level adjustable to match different audio sources.

3. WEP5528TS Emergency Audio Decoder

★ The built-in network decoding module can play network musics in real time, and can receive broadcast       calls in one direction; 2-way outputs for external power amplifier or active speaker;
★ Full digital design, high fidelity, high voice transmission index.
★ Built-in 3W high-efficiency monitor amplifier, with monitor volume potentiometer and switch.
★ 2 override interfaces of external EMC24V and short circuit dry contact.

4. WEP253 Wireless PA System Terminal with Amplifier


★ With wireless broadcast receiving function, it can receive the wireless signals transmitted through antenna by the transmitter.
★ DSPPA special control protocol, ultra-high sensitivity for receiving, can accurately demodulate the control signal even in the weak signal.
★ Can be customized for fixed frequency reception or automatic tracking transmitter frequency reception, with strong adaptability.
★ Can customized for linkage trigger function.
★ With network broadcast function, it can play the background musics, emergency paging and alarm signals from the system host.

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