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The DSPPA Group 2019 Annual Meeting and 30th Anniversary Summary Meeting was held successfully!

The DSPPA Group 2019 Annual Meeting and 30th Anniversary Summary Meeting was held successfully!

On January 14th,2019, the DSPPA Group 2019 Annual Meeting and 30th Anniversary Summary Meeting was held successfully! More than 1000 employees and office staff across the country came to celebrate this grand event.

The meeting started with a cheerful modern dance. The Chairman of DSPPA Group, Mr. Wang Heng summarized and reviewed our DSPPA Group development over the 30 years, he said: “ it has been 30 year starting from 1988 that we successfully R&D the China first film decoder ,and in the recent 10 years, DSPPA Group is rapidly developing, we succeeded in projects of Beijing Olympics, Shanghai Expo, and Guangzhou Asian Games. This year, we become partner of Indonesia Asian. All those honors belong to our staff, on behalf of the DSPPA Group, I would like to thank all our staff for their hard work and selfless dedication.
Mr.Wang Heng making a speech

Following the opening speech,The Director of DSPPA International dept. , William, made the report on the work of 2018 and expressed the positive expectation in the 2019. The passionate speech encouraged all the staff and won the warm applause.
Executives Making Speech

The next is awards ceremony, Mr.Wang Heng and executives awarded certificates with bonus to “DSPPA love angel”, “the DSPPA flag hero group”,“ DSPPA 20 years loyal guardians ” , excellent staff, excellent middle manager , Excellent new sales , excellent domestic office staff, excellent innovation team, 2018 PK championships and other awards. These excellent staff are the major force driving the development of DSPPA Group, and they are the role models for all our DSPPA Group staff.

Award Ceremony

Each Subsidiary of DSPPA Group participated in the spirit PK competition. Their outstanding performance is right the representation of our DSPPA Group aggressive character. The intensive competition atmosphere tremendously cheered the audience.

After the fierce spirit PK, the domestic marketing department won the championship with its specially humorous performance and high-spirited team style; the R&D department won the runner-up, and the joint team(Shengbao Electronics and Audio Division) won the third prize.

Spirit PK

The significant development of the DSPPA Group is inseparable from the work
of the employees. We prepared a lot of cash prizes and special awards to thank for
the great efforts and contributions of our staff.
Big Lottery

In such a busy working, our staff took time to rehearse and prepare these wonderful performances to celebrate our annual year meeting.

Spectacular performances

DSPPA Group made great achievements over 30 years, looking ahead we will have a brighter future. In the joyful atmosphere, DSPPA Group 2019 Annual Meeting and 30th Anniversary Summary meeting came to a successful conclusion!

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