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Advantages of Network Public Address

It is a pure digital audio network public address system based on the Internet and LAN, which is different from the traditional analog audio, FM, addressing and CNC broadcasting system. The IP intelligent digital broadcasting system is fully compatible with the Internet and LAN, the TCP/IP protocol can be applied without any additional wiring, and the existing campus network and internal LAN can be used. It has embedded hardware terminals and is capable of setting independent IP addresses. Through the multi-layer switchboard and the host computer, it can arbitrarily control the settings and the broadcast of each terminal, the desired program content can be selected on the terminal. With the computer technology, the system is compatible with almost all audio formats. The IP technology is adopted. There is no limit to the content of the program. Each terminal can play any content of the program as one wishes. It can completely replace the traditional intelligent address system based on analog or data, truly realize the IP audio address function based on the Internet or LAN, and support broadcasting, live broadcast, and on-demand. Some products support the functions such as full duplex two-way intercom, terminal speech and so on, and support a wide range of popularization and application.

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