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An Overview of Outdoor Public Address Systems

Outdoor public address systems: a generic term for all equipment that constitutes a public address system. It mainly consists of broadcast loudspeaker, power amplifier, transmission line and other transmission equipment, management / control equipment (including hardware and software), paging equipment, microphone and other signal source equipment. As the sound energy of natural sound sources (such as speech, singing, musical instrument performance, sound replay and so on) is very limited, its sound pressure level attenuates with the increase of the propagation distance, and the influence of ambient noise makes the transmission distance of the sound source limited. Therefore, the electronic technology must be used in the public field. The system amplifies the sound source, amplifies the sound source signal, improves the sound pressure level of the audience area, and ensures that each audience can get the appropriate sound pressure level. Outdoor public address systems are a branch of the sound system, it is used from factories, schools, hotels, stations, wharf, square to meeting, theater, gymnasium, residential district and so on. 

Outdoor public address systems are a systematic project. It needs to cooperate closely with various disciplines such as electronic technology, electroacoustic technology, sound building technology and acoustic art. The sound effect of the public address system is not only related to the comprehensive performance of the electroacoustic system but also closely related to the building acoustics and field tuning of the sound transmission environment. So the final effect of the public address system needs the good cooperation of correct and reasonable design and debugging of the electrical sound system, the good sound transmission conditions and the correct field tuning technology, these three elements complement each other. In the system design, the above problems must be taken into consideration. On the basis of selecting the sound electrical equipment with good performance, through careful system design, careful system debugging and good sound building conditions, the sound and natural sound effects of electroacoustic sound are achieved.

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