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Necessity of A Meeting Room Speaker System

As we all know, the sound energy of natural sound sources (such as speech, musical instruments and singing, etc.) is very limited, and the sound pressure level attenuates rapidly with the increase of the propagation distance. Due to the influence of environmental noise, the propagation distance of sound source is reduced to shorter. So apart from the regular concert hall, the opera house and the theater, some public places can use acoustic technology to expand the sound, amplify the sound source, improve the sound pressure of the audience, and ensure that each audience can get the proper sound pressure level. The sound expansion system is a systematic engineering, involving a variety of subjects such as electronic technology, electroacoustic technology, sound building technology and acoustic art, as well as close coordination with video systems (multimedia projection and video systems), stage or dance hall lighting systems, fire broadcasting systems, paging broadcasting systems and security systems and other subsystems.

 meeting room speaker system

The sound effect of the meeting room speaker system is not only related to the comprehensive performance of the electroacoustic system but also closely related to the sound transmission environment - the building acoustics and the field tuning. The use and sound effects of the sound amplifying system involve the correct and reasonable design and debugging of the electroacoustic system, the good sound transmission conditions and the correct field tuning techniques. The electroacoustic system is like a car running on the highway. The sound condition is like a highway, and the tuner is like a car driver. If the performance of a car is a necessary condition for safe and fast driving, the quality of the road surface is an important basis for a balanced and fast driving, and the driver's driving technology and experience are the basic guarantees for ensuring safe driving. The three are complementary and indispensable. As a system problem, sound reinforcement system must consider all the above problems in system design. On the basis of good electrical sound equipment with good performance, the natural sound effects are achieved through careful system design, careful system debugging and good sound building conditions.

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