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From Traditional Public Broadcasting System to IP Public Broadcasting System

1. Traditional ip pa system

Traditional public broadcasting mainly includes several functions, such as timing programming, zonal paging, telephone broadcasting access, and fire-fighting strong plug-in. Focusing on fire alarm access and service zoning broadcasting, we can play background music without any emergency, create a warm environment and set off an atmosphere.

2. Intelligent matrix system

Most intelligent public broadcasting systems are managed by a general PC (or an industrial control management host) and controlled by a general keyboard. The other links in the system are still routine, only computer interfaces are added. Others are more specialized, in which a dedicated host virtualizes all the links in the system except the power amplifier (including the sound source playback link) and controls them directly on the host screen. The main differences between the system and the conventional system are: small size, high integration, including the conventional series of zoning, timing, alarm, strong interpolation, paging, telephone, monitoring, voice file solidification, CD playback and other functions; Its function is more flexible and perfect than the conventional system.

If different programs need to be broadcast in different broadcast zones at the same time, most of them use the audio matrix system. The matrix system can be allocated to different broadcast partitions by the matrix divider. These programs can be broadcasted at the same time or not at the same time. The programmable timer can run automatically according to the pre-programmed program, and can also intervene manually at any time. At present, there are many applications. Generally, the audio module is used to form a digital matrix, which can be divided into time zones, and multi-partition and multi-source input at the same time. They are commonly used in schools and hotels.

3. Digital Networking

The interior of modern intelligent building requires the establishment of data network, video network and audio network. The network of public broadcasting transforms the traditional public broadcasting network into a data network, which connects the broadcasting terminal, VOD terminal, sound source acquisition/paging terminal, remote control terminal and other terminals. In this way, it is not only convenient to install and operate, but also can share resources in different places. TOOBOO is also the industry's first high-tech enterprise to develop TCP/IP audio protocol transmission. It has been extensively applied and promoted from teaching audition and teaching digital audio to public broadcasting, digital conference and professional audio industry.

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