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Campus Intelligent Ip Pa System

Ip pa system is an intelligent public broadcasting system based on traditional broadcasting mode, which combines software control and intelligent broadcasting functions.

The system configuration is very flexible. It can realize regional broadcasting, regional broadcasting, local broadcasting and remote broadcasting. The automatic computer switch can realize unattended regional control. Full humanized software design combines precise programming control with automatic random playback. It is suitable for shopping malls, office buildings, schools, parks, open-air squares, etc.

Multifunctional intelligent broadcasting central control system host is a new type of broadcasting central control computer. It has many advantages such as intelligent work, foolish operation, and concise wiring. It is the best central control system host in schools, stations, supermarkets, and other public places.

- It has Bluetooth and powerful MP3 playback function. It can display the total time and the remaining time when playing. It can display the name of the current playing song and the name of the next song to be played. It not only supports a variety of music playing formats but also supports APE playing in non-destructive format. It has built-in campus radio songs, such as eye health exercises, gymnastics, and common alarm bells, such as fire alarm.

- This machine has a low power standby function. It can automatically enter a standby state when there is no task at present, and reduce the power consumption of the whole machine. When there is a task to be executed, it has an automatic wake-up function.

- Five independent audio output, with five silent buttons, can independently adjust the volume; with a set of voice input, and with priority functions; using solidified storage design, to prevent misoperation leading to system errors, so that the machine works more reliably.

- It has the function of mobile broadcasting. When there is an emergency, such as a fire alarm, it only needs to pick up the mobile phone to wake up the whole system for voice broadcasting, which is very convenient to use.

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