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The Choice of the Home Audio System

First, what is the audio?

Many people may be confused by the concepts of sound and speaker. Generally speaking, sound is a system of speaker and power amplifier and sound source system. The speaker is a part of the sound system and a box with speaker units.

Second, home audio-visual system

The so-called home audio-visual system refers to the home audio system - speakers, power amplifiers, sound sources. The speaker is usually divided into 2.0, 2.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 channels. The amplifier is usually the core of the home audio system. The speaker, the display screen, the sound source (player) are connected to the amplifier (receiver). The sound source refers to DVD or Blu-ray player, or more broadly, it can be a music player, such as a computer, mobile phone, ipod, or musical instrument.

The 2.0 channel home audio system has only two front speakers. The 2.1 channel home audio system has a subwoofer. It may also use special processing methods to simulate multi-channel. 2.0 and 2.1 channel home audio system is suitable for people who concentrate on listening to music and do not pay much attention to the surround sound effect when watching movies. Although there are not as many speakers as 5.1 or 6.1 channel home audio system, its price can reach a high level. It is mainly used in recording studios. The room acoustic environment in the home usually does not meet the requirements of purchasing such price speakers, and the price of a single speaker at least meets the monitoring level. To close to 1000 yuan, it is suitable for making music in one's own home. Even this entry-level listening speaker (HiFi speaker) has a better sound quality than most people use.

A typical 5.1-channel home audio system consists of a receiver (sometimes called a power amplifier) that can decode multi-channel digital audio and five speaker units -- two pre-speaker units, one intermediate unit, two post-speaker units, plus a subwoofer. 6.1 channel system adds one rear speaker, 7.1 channel system adds two rear speakers. 7.1 Channel system has two more locating points, so the sound will be more stereo than 5.1 Channel system, but it requires more room and more airtight space. Usually at the same price, 5.1 is better than 7.1.

Receivers in home audio systems usually include Dolby decoders and DTS decoders to process surround channels when playing DVD and Blu-ray discs. Some home audio systems offer new Dolby and DTS surround formats to handle 6.1 and 7.1 channels, which can also support one or two additional rear surround speakers. Some home audio and video systems support high resolution audio formats and can be used on most Blu-ray discs.

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