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Classification of Cordless PA System

The equipment of cordless pa address can be classified into the following categories according to their usage.

1. Outdoor Broadcasting System: the Outdoor broadcasting system is mainly used in places such as stadium, station, park, art square, music fountain and so on. It is characterized by its large service area and wide space. Its background noise is large. The sound transmission is the mainly direct sound transmission, and the required sound pressure level is high. If there are high buildings and other reflective objects around it, the layout of the loudspeaker is not reasonable, and the sound waves are reflected for many times causing a delay of more than 50ms, which will cause double, multiple sounds and even echo, affect the clarity and the sound image positioning. The acoustics of outdoor systems can also be affected by climatic conditions, wind direction, and environmental disturbance.

2. Indoor Broadcasting System: the indoor broadcasting system is the most widely used system, it includes all kinds of movie theaters, sports venues, dance halls and so on. Its professionalism is very high. It can not only amplify non-languages but also be used for various kinds of theatrical performances. Its requirement for the sound quality is very high. The electroacoustic technology, as well as the architectural acoustics, should be taken into consideration during the system design. Besides, factors like the shape of the room have a great impact on the sound quality.

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