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Which Groups are Suitable for Using Video Conferencing Products?

The full digital conference system is a hardware video conference system that is compatible with the original video conference terminal and does not rely on MCU. It is an enterprise video conferencing solution. It fills the market gap between hardware conferences and software conferences in the market, and is an ideal choice for the use scenarios of hardware video conference expansion and multi-point conferences.

However, with the continuous development of the market economy, video conferencing products have become more popular in all walks of life, especially software video conferencing products are favored by small and medium-sized enterprises. However, most enterprise customers will have certain misunderstandings in the distinction between software video conferencing and the selection and function of some instant messaging software that is currently popular on the market. Someone once questioned: With WeChat and QQ, are the video conferencing products necessary?

At present, there are few individual users who use video conferencing, and video conferencing products are tailor-made for governments, public institutions, and large, medium and small enterprises. Enterprises need high-quality video conferencing environments and smooth cloud collaboration functions, while QQ and WeChat can only be used as basic communication tools and do not meet the further technical requirements of enterprises for video conferencing.

Therefore, the most suitable groups for using video conferencing products are governments, institutions, and large, medium and small enterprises. At the same time, we also welcome these customers to purchase the video conferencing products of Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd. to improve your meeting efficiency.


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