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Development Trend of Mini USB Amplifier

Development trend of mini USB amplifier: "PC Removing" trend   As the mini sound box is small in build and easy to place, for users who don't have a high demand for sound quality, they can put the product on the desk, balcony and other places for digital equipment support and sound amplification. This is also a new practice field in the mini sound box industry. We can call it "PC Removing" trend.

"PC Removing" mini sound boxes generally have functions of USB/ SD card digital expansion and decoding play, many products also have LCD, built-in lithium batteries, and support FM audio. The complete functions make the products more perfect, and the PC is not a must anymore. 

This kind of mini sound box is equivalent to integrating the MP3 player into the box, it is just like a kind of palm-sized digital equipment, and its portability and playability are greatly enhanced. Besides, some products even have the function of CMMB mobile TV.

The market condition of the mini sound box: Details decide success or failure, innovation leads to the future. Up to now, one obvious phenomenon emerges in the mini sound box industry, that is, the lack of publicity. The brand images and appeals of many new stars in the mini USB sound box industry are often unsustainable, and the leading status of some manufacturers can be overturned by the up-and-coming youngster overnight. As details determine success or failure, a good product should be excellent on the details. Except for the cost, the product's shape, material, handle and function also should be really well thought out.

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