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Guidelines and Principles for Conference System Design

By virtue of simple system handling and digital signal transmission, conference system can manage either small conference or multilingual international conference of thousands of people handily. The conference system, featuring multifunction, high-fidelity sound, private data, and reliable transmission, can also control the whole conference comprehensively.


Ⅰ. Security of conference system


The top priority of every conference is to keep every present conference delegate safe. The passive devices in conference units are powered by the system host with an operating voltage of 24V, meeting the safety standards. Every safety part in the conference system has safety certification.

When lay outing the circuit and selecting parts, try to avoid electrical conductor of tip discharge to improve ant-static ability. Meanwhile, make sure the distance of air discharge over 1.2 centimeters and increase the conductor area of ground wire to ensure that at most static of 8,000V can be resisted.

Ⅱ. Confidentiality and anti-interference performance of conference system


Given many conferences concern national or local major policies, conference system also requires high performance of confidentiality and interference resistance. The cable connection with shield adopted by speech system, as opposed to wireless connection, performs better in terms of radio interference resistance and data confidentiality, which can prevent from hostile radio interference and being tapped.

To better resist interference, the dedicated connection with 13 cores has been covered by aluminum foil and shielded by waterline throughout, which greatly reduces the interference of strong electromagnetic waves on the interface line. The infrared language allocation system transmits speech by converting audio signal to optoelectronic signal via modulating or demodulating. Therefore, the signal will be interrupted as long as the transmission is blocked by any opaque substance. In contrast, if radio such as FM signal is used, the conference can be tapped by anyone outside the venue who listens to a radio on the same frequency. In this sense, signal transmission by infrared ensures high confidentiality.

Ⅲ. Stability of conference system

The basic condition of every success conference is to have a stable and mature conference system. The conference system, especially the simultaneous interpreting system, is in accordance with ISO and can fulfills every mission successfully. All in all, the stability and maturity of the conference system are evident to all.

Ⅳ. Speech intelligibility of conference system

It's a requisite to have delegates' speech heard clearly. Therefore, the microphone adopts a high uni-directional electret pick-up. The built-in horn has a speaker featuring high-fidelity and no magnetic flux leakage with a power of 0.5w and resistance of 320. Infrared has a strong capability of signal transmission and reception with a linear distance of 40 meters.

Ⅴ. Operability of conference system


Simple operation can improve the efficiency and order of conference under the premise of the normally working system.

Easy installation: Easy serial connection of system units lowers installation difficulty and reduces engineering costs.


Easy operation: Every delegate has one device and can speak by tapping the button gently. In addition, the volume knob can adjust the volume of the built-in speaker and monitoring headsets. Multilingual interpreting can also be selected by flipping the channel selector. Serial circuit of the infrared system is easy to connect.

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