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How to Build a First-class Wireless Conference Room Sound System? Only Three Points!

The wireless conference room sound system is widely applied in various places such as government offices, enterprises, institutions, schools, and hotels. A high-quality wireless conference room sound system has to meet the requirements of appropriate sound pressure level, clear voice, superior sound quality, good voice quality, homogeneous sound field, and high sound transmission gain. To meet these requirements, the following three points must be achieved:

1. Display of the loudspeaker box

For conference room sound reinforcement, the audience need to clearly hear the speaker's speech but not worry about where the sound comes, which requires the sound field of the wireless conference room sound system as uniform as possible. Obviously, it is difficult to achieve the uniformity of the current sound field by adding the auxiliary loudspeaker boxes to the main loudspeaker boxes. It is practical to improve the uniformity, clarity, and sound transmission gain of the sound field in the conference room with the homogeneous arrangement of all wall mounted speakers and ceiling speakers.

2. Choice of conference microphone

Some critical conference rooms for government departments and enterprises have high requirements for sound quality and sound effects, requiring a natural and relaxed voice. These conference rooms often have sufficient budgets, which requires high sound quality, so the digital wireless conference chair unit (microphone) will be better. On account of the different environments, users, microphone positions and conference rooms, it is necessary to adjust the microphones' parameters individually according to the usage.

3. Choice of the wireless conference control system host

The wireless conference system consists of a wireless conference control system host, a wireless conference chairman unit, a wireless conference delegate unit, power amplifiers, speakers, and desktop display devices (such as desktop smart terminals, liquid crystal displays). They play the role of sound transmission, display, and sound reinforcement. The products use digital wireless processing of sound signals and control signals without cumbersome connections, built-in CPU multi-level error correction, and encrypted scrambling code to prevent cross-frequency interference and anti-electromagnetic interference of mobile phones.


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