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How to Choose the Right Conference System?

Ⅰ. Classification of conference system:

According to the function and composition mode, the general conference system can be divided into the following five types.

1. Multi-microphone conference sound reinforcement system mainly composed of mixer


This is one of the most widely used and popular conference systems. It is well integrated with the sound reinforcement system, the system composition is simple (only refers to the conference sound reinforcement part), only a few microphones are added, and it can adapt to various conference occasions of large, medium and small, so it is widely used.

Of course, this form of conference system has a single function and is only used for speech reinforcement, and cannot meet the functions of other conference forms. It has high requirements for operators. It is necessary to control each microphone in real time, and close the sound of unused microphones in time.

2. Conference system with automatic mixer


The basic mode of automatic and digital announcement system is similar to the multi-microphone conference system based on the mixer. The difference is that the multi-microphone signals are automatically mixed and output to a certain channel of the mixer. The so-called automatic mixing is to insert multiple microphones into the automatic mixer. After adjusting the appropriate gain, all the microphones are turned on. The mixer can automatically identify which microphone is in use, so it is triggered to open the channel and perform amplification processing. Input channels that do not use a microphone are turned off.

The advantages brought by the automatic mixer are: it can automatically open and close the input channel of the microphone to prevent interference, automatically set the appropriate input level, so that the sound loudness is basically the same, improve the sound reinforcement effect of the conference, and reduce the pressure on the sound control personnel.

3. Hand in hand simulation conference system

For the above two conference systems, the number of microphones generally used is less than 8, and too many microphones are inconvenient to use and control. For the conference discussion system with many speakers, the hand-in-hand conference system can meet this requirement.

This type of system consists of a system host, a chairman unit, several representative units (depending on the system, ranging from a dozen to more than a hundred) and a corresponding sound reinforcement system. The chairman unit has microphones, control keys, amplifiers. Audio speaker units, etc., can control other representative machines: allow or not allow one or all representative machines to speak, and conveniently control the meeting process and topics.

4. Hand in hand digital conference system


With the advancement of technology, the functional requirements for conferences are becoming more and more abundant, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of analog technology, so the hand-in-hand digital conference system appears.

There is no major change in the basic structure of this type of conference system, but it can be easily added: electronic table cards, sign-in, recording, control and other functions, and the compatibility with simultaneous interpretation and other systems is better controlled to improve stability.

5. Intelligent conference system


Faced with the increasingly extensive use of conference systems and higher and higher functional requirements, the management, control and function expansion of conference systems are very urgent problems that need to be solved. With the introduction of computer technology and network technology, everything can be solved easily.

The system consists of a system host (hardware), application functional requirements (software), system structure (network), and functional modules (client) such an architecture. The system can greatly expand the functions of various conference forms, and functions such as electronic document circulation, signing, discussion, and voting are easily integrated, subverting the traditional conference system.

Ⅱ. The conference system can be divided into:

1. Wired type

This type of system has the characteristics of simple structure, stable performance and strong confidentiality, and has a certain market. At the same time, it also has the disadvantages of high wiring cost and not easy to move.

2. Wireless

Wireless digital conference system is the latest developed and mature new conference system, depending on the use of different wireless technologies, such as infrared, 2.4G wireless technology, 5G WIFI wireless network technology, etc., the characteristics are just the opposite of the wired type, but with the development of technology, its shortcomings will be gradually overcome.

Of course, the above classification is not complete and unique. The purpose is to make everyone have some understanding of the conference system and its technology, so that we can choose in actual work.

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