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How to Implement and Build a Paperless Meeting System

Various system integrators and software development companies have made many attempts on how to implement and construct a paperless conference system.

The paperless conference system should first be an intelligent conference system. The intelligence here is not only the realization of intelligent management and control of the equipment used in the meeting room, the provision of intelligent tools and services for the meeting process, but also the ability to realize the intelligence of the meeting process, usage, and even data retrieval and smart meeting decision-making. At the same time, the paperless conference system must adapt and be compatible with the rapid development of information technology, the overwhelming number of software products, and the intelligent decision-making proposed by the explosive growth of back-end data and information resources due to the emergence of the Internet, cloud computing, and big data.

Centered on the LCD touch display terminal (LCD touch screen, conference panel, etc.), it integrates high-definition video and unified communication functions, intelligent multi-screen interactive sharing functions, intelligent conference room central control, audio, and video capture and sound reinforcement systems, etc., to form a "People-oriented" intelligent meeting experience.

The paperless conference system integrates conference functions (video sign-in, call service, bid voting, short message sending and receiving, asynchronous document viewing, synchronous display of conference materials and handwritten comments, video on demand or live broadcast, Internet browsing, and conference speech) on the intelligent display terminal to the greatest extent. And it provides users with the most natural human-computer interaction interface in the form of simulation UI (supporting capacitive screen multi-point two-finger zooming, swiping the screen to read comments, sending and saving, etc.), and also realizes the mobile phone, collaborative work, intelligent sharing and interactive control between mobile terminals such as tablet computers and notebook computers and smart display terminals.

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