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Key Points of Conference System Design

This system has been innovated in many aspects such as application and technology, so it is at the leading level among similar systems in the government field. Many functions in the conference system are original, and they are also very suitable for the nature of the government's daily office work and meet the needs of the work.

This system has the following characteristics:


1. Environmental protection of mobile conference system


In the conference hall or conference room, participants use the conference terminal (tablet computer with handwriting function and special conference terminal software) to wirelessly access the electronic conference document system to realize the mobile application of the conference venue.

The tablet computer is used as the meeting document reading terminal to realize the reading of meeting documents by the participants. It has both the characteristics of a laptop and the convenience of a handheld computer; at the same time, you can browse meeting information and update meeting documents anytime and anywhere: you can also read comments offline document. Use the conference terminal, reduce the use of paper documents, and be green and environmentally friendly.

2. Flexible and perfect conference system management


Conference role management: the organization of the conference is a work of high complexity, there are many departments and personnel participating in the conference, and the work content and projects are complicated. The role management of the system can strictly divide and manage the work authority of departments and personnel in the conference.


Management and file associations, the release mechanism of meetings: the system staff provide flexible meeting agenda for the meeting and scheduling, meeting and conference file associations, prepare, review and release, the meeting file synchronization mechanism to ensure that the documents issued by the quality, such as meeting file updates by text message or instant messaging notification.

3. The conference system has the security and ease of use of electronic documents and management mode


This system adopts a secure document management system as the core to establish a meeting document electronic system. Documents entering and exiting the system must be processed through the interface of the secure document management system, and very strict restrictions on the outgoing of documents are adopted. The special meeting electronic document disk stores meeting documents, and the documents cannot be read without the electronic document disk.


In the implementation of strict security management measures at the same time, in order to facilitate operation and management, the conference system on the one hand to secure documents related to encryption, download, upload, audit and other functions to do packaging, and the entire conference document electronic system to do a close combination of security management links for users is transparent; on the other hand, the system also has the function of meeting documents automatically update, so that the participants get a high degree of humanized use experience.

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