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Present Situation of Wireless PA Systems

Wireless pa system for sale is a kind of device that transmits broadcast by means of wireless transmission. It has advantages such as no vertical pole stringing, wide coverage, unlimited capacity expansion, convenient installation and maintenance, low investment, and beautiful and clear sound quality. Therefore, a wireless public address system has incomparable advantages compared to traditional cable address. The intelligent FM address system is composed of an intelligent broadcast control system, a digital audio workstation, and an FM transmitting and receiving system. In accordance with the guiding ideology of "advanced and practical", the scheme is designed according to the most advanced configuration of wireless address in our country. Its index has reached the level of the current local and municipal professional radio stations in China. According to the characteristics of the radio frequency modulation broadcasting, combined with the current situation and the development direction of the industrial and mining enterprises, a set of all digital intelligent industry and mining enterprise broadcasting system with domestic leading technology is designed with advanced technologies such as microcomputer lock, digital error correction, flash storage, SCA remote control coding, VB software programming, etc. The system uses an FM-SCA subcarrier coded remote control technology and a radio frequency. It uses subcarriers other than the audio carrier to transmit coded control signals. It does not need to apply for frequency control, which not only saves frequency resources, but also realizes the control of terminal points, and improves the stability and reliability of the system. The digital intelligent address system, with its characteristics of "high quality, economy, stability, and practicality", can be widely used in the management of industrial and mining enterprises, the meeting of industrial and mining enterprises, the broadcast of notice and the emergency broadcast in the case of emergency.

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