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Selection and Use of Conference Microphone

Microphone audition

Because of the particularity of the conference room, speakers in most cases can't come to the audition (for example, the leader speaks), so they just need to adjust their voice according to the normal volume. Try to make the first sentence of the speaker reach a moderate volume (moderate sound size and no screaming), but also leave a satisfying conditioning capacity. But if there are many microphones, the tuner needs to make repeated debugging between the mixer and the microphone, which is very laborious and low power.

How to choose conference microphone?
Because different microphones have different effects on different sound sources, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the technical characteristics, functions and applicable occasions of microphones before selecting them. In the selection of microphone, besides the sensitivity of microphone, the matching of output impedance and input impedance of mixer, the directional characteristics, frequency response characteristics and shape of microphone should also be considered in the conference room.

As far as directivity is concerned, super-heart shape is suitable for picking up sound at a relatively long interval, heart shape is suitable for most situations, and non-directional microphone is not suitable for speech pickup, because simple will lead to echoes. In addition, in the conference room, according to the sound box planning to select the microphone with appropriate pointing characteristics. For centralized or semi-centralized sound amplification systems, the microphone's directional characteristics should be heart-shaped or super-heart-shaped. Heart-shaped microphones are usually selected for the sound amplification system of the decentralized planning. If the microphones are far from the sound amplifier box and the reverberation time in the hall is not too long, the directionless microphones can also be selected. When the sound source is very close to the microphone, the proximity heart microphone can be eliminated by using the skill index.

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