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Selection of Conference Microphone

Conference audio equipment includes audio acquisition equipment, mainly the selection of microphones. In the meeting, the clarity of the audio largely determines the quality of the meeting. It not only transmits our voice, but also conveys our mood, joy, anger and sadness to customers or participants. Therefore, the selection of conference microphone has a certain influence on the quality of the meeting. Choosing the right microphone according to the type of meeting you need can make the meeting more handy.

Next, let's take a look at of the shopping guidelines and applicable occasions of the various microphone!

1. Head-mounted microphone/handheld microphone/clothespin microphone
Head-mounted, hand-held or clothespin microphones are mainly used for single speakers, that is, in meetings, the microphones connected to terminals receive only one person's speech. The microphone does not need echo suppression and is suitable for single-person conversation.

2. Gooseneck Conference Microphone
Gooseneck microphone includes wired microphone and wireless microphone. The wired microphone is usually directly connected to the audio input port of PC or conference host, while the wireless microphone usually has multiple microphones. However, due to its relatively small pickup radius, not more than 1 meter at most, so the meeting, need to speak directly to the gooseneck microphone, if far away, the voice can not be received. As for the high-end conference wireless microphone, it is a drag four combination, with 50 sets of UHF frequency channels to choose from. Super anti-jamming ability, it can effectively suppress noise interference and co-frequency interference caused by external. Infrared frequency matching function makes the frequency of transmitter and receiver synchronized conveniently and quickly. The gooseneck microphone has good mobility, so it is suitable for some centralized meetings.

3. Notes
(1) Sensitivity should not be too high. Excessive sensitivity can easily cause the phenomenon of screaming or sound overshoot or undershoot, which can easily damage the speaker, so the sensitivity is stable.
(2) The impedance is high or low, and the microphone with high impedance has high sensitivity and is easily disturbed by external signals.
(3) To choose a directional microphone, because the directionless microphone has poor ability to resist external interference, it is easy to mix into other sound sources. This microphone must be used in conjunction with the echo eliminator!

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